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Revolutionary Greetings from the Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist.

Posted by ajadhind on May 13, 2008

As a contingent of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the CPN-had waged People’s War against the Nepalese State for ten years, from 1996 to 2006. Under the leadership of the CPN-M, the People’s Army had achieved great heights principally by establishing and expanding the red liberated base areas and other areas under the control or influence of the Party throughout the country. In these liberated areas, the proletariat, peasantry  and oppressed nationalities and masses, led by the Party, exercised their own New Democratic state power, while clearing the path to the Socialist Revolution, as part of advancing the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution aimed at achieving Communism worldwide. These precious achievements won through great sacrifice, under tenacious Maoist leadership, provided inspiration to all Maoists and other revolutionary forces throughout the world, while creating panic among all imperialist and reactionary forces. These historic advances also served to unite Maoist revolutionary forces in South Asia .


In 2006, the CPN-M had taken the initiative in entering into a power sharing arrangement with the Nepalese bourgeois parliamentary opposition aimed at overthrowing the Monarchy. This has taken the form of contesting an election to a Constitutional Assembly that would formulate a new republican federal constitution. This tactical compromise was made at the cost of de-mobilizing the Peoples Liberation Army and suspending the People’s War. In these elections the CPN-M has come out as the leading force, with an overwhelming majority of votes.


This tactical turn has been based on the analysis that the Monarchy represents the semi-feudal production and social relations and constitutes the immediate and principal obstacle to the forward march of the New Democratic Revolution. On this basis, the CPN-M had decided to enter into an alliance with the bourgeois parliamentary opposition to dispose of the Monarchy represented by king Gayendra. This decision was also propelled by the heroic advances gained by the people’s war and the mass upsurge generated by it, which compelled the Nepalese bourgeois parliamentary opposition, world imperialism and India , to concede political space for the CPN-M. For their part, their tactical option was, ” if you cannot devour them now, let us co-opt them, so we can devour them that much better “.  However, the real danger lies in turning this tactical ‘necessity’ into a strategic principle.


The principal contradiction in all oppressed countries remain that between imperialism and the oppressed people. The strategic path defined by this contradiction is to wage protracted people’s war to overthrow and uproot the Comprador Bureaucratic state by combining the Agrarian Revolution and the National Democratic Revolution aimed at overthrowing both semi-feudalism and imperialist domination and establishing the People’s Democratic State, representing the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Peasantry, in alliance with all classes and nations oppressed by imperialism, as a necessary transition to waging the Socialist Revolution.  That is why we need to target imperialism as the principal enemy of the New Democratic revolution and continue waging protracted people’s war, against all odds and placing our faith in the international proletariat and the oppressed masses that they shall fight and seek liberation in Communism. 


We extend our internationalist solidarity with the CPN-M at this most momentous conjuncture. We urge that through all the compromises that have to be made, you strengthen and build the New Democratic state power , embodied in the liberated red base areas, already gained through so much heroic sacrifice of the people and the warriors of the PLA,  maintain the independence and initiative of the CPN-M to carry forward the New Democratic Revolution, in unity with the international proletariat and the world revolution.

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