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Shameless Bengalurians!!

Posted by ajadhind on May 11, 2008


They speak about infrastructure, they comment in national media about the bad infrastructure , bad roads, irritating traffic and other negative elements of the city .Do you think they are responsible citizens ? if you think so you are wrong .

In the first phase of election in Karnataka the vote percentage is around 65% . Excluding BBMP and Bengaluru city the percentage rises to 73%. BBMP has a percent of 55% and bengaluru city has the lowest 44.5%!!! what right do the bengalurians have to question politicians??

Where are they? election was on saturday and there was holiday on thursday[ basava jayanthi] , so if you put a cl on friday you will get 4 day holiday and people of bengaluru are enjoying it. while returning to their home they will comment on roads and traffic and criticise politicians ………………… jai hind


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