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Birth Centenary of Comrade Amulya Sen.

Posted by ajadhind on March 26, 2008

recieved via mail 
This year is the birth centenary of Comrade Amulya Sen, the great communist revolutionary of India. Comrade Sen, popularly known as Mastermashyay (means, respected teacher) was one of the leaders within the communist movement of India who initiated the two line inner-party struggle inspired from the international two-line struggle under the leadershp of Comrade Mao. In the due course, he started publication of an underground literature, named “Chinta” within the revisionist Communist Party of India (Marxist). After getting a momentum in the two line struggle, Comrade Sen along with Comrade Kanai Chatterjee and Comrade Chandrasekhar Das started publication of an open magazine named “Dakshindesh” . This “Dakshindesh Group” later took the shape of Maoist Communist Centre, one of major communist revolutionary group of India.
Comrade Sen passed away at the age of 74years on 23rd March of 1981.  
It is the duty of the revolutionary masses to celebrate the birth centenary of this great communist revolutionary who was one of the founder of Maoist Communist Centre.
I humbly request to circulate the writings of Comrade Amulya Sen among the revolutionary camp amd celebrate his birth centenary.
With struggling greetings,

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