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Ban Salwa Judum – Moily.

Posted by ajadhind on March 18, 2008


The Centre has asked for a ban on Salwa Judum – an initiative of arming villagers to fight Naxals in Chhattisgarh.


Virtually conceding that the Salwa Judum of Chhattisgarh is a state-sponsored movement to counter Naxalism, a government committee has for the first time said that the anti-Naxal movement has no place in the state.


“Salwa Judum has been recommended to be disbanded,” said Moily.


Till date both the Centre and state governments have been denying their role in propping up the movement. The Moily Commission, however, has said Naxalism cannot be defeated by counter-insurgency movements such as this.


“Salwa Judum will amount to being an extra-constitutional power which you cannot have,” Moily stated.


“If there is a constitutional government, it is the duty of that constitutional government to function, not delegate this power.


“State Government cannot delegate its powers to an extra-constitutional authority. Law and order is the responsibility of the State,” he explained.


Chhattisgarh is the worst affected state in the country with over 12,000 km of Indian territory outside the control of the government. Over 50, 000 tribals have been forced to take refuge in State-protected camps.


The Salva Judum is largely a creation of divisive state politics, particularly the opposition Congress and the UPA-backed Moily Commission’s recommendations are sure to come as a slap on the face not just for the Opposition but the ruling BJP as well.

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