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Will India remain as a single nation?

Posted by ajadhind on February 18, 2008

The above question may look haphazard. But if people’s -more particularly politicians mind works in a same way as of now then my fear may come true.
Modi fought Gujrat elections with ‘Gujrat asmita’ as his trump card. Now Raj thackera is speaking about ‘ Marathi Manoos’. There is conflict between different states from long ago but nowadays turns to violent outbursts. Increased coverage from 24 hours news channel has added to these outbursts. Even a single incidence has been repeated so many times in news channels which gives an impression that the city is in turmoil when actually it is not.
Education should have increased the patience, morality of people. But the type of education we are recieving is a way just to earn our livelihood and nothing else. Theoritically increased education levels should decrease the violent outbursts and crime rates. Since the education has become competitive like a horse race people are losing patience. The stress, influence from media, unsettled life, frustration all adds up and is ending in crime. It may be school shootout in India / campus shootouts in USA – they are not signs of healthy society.
Is this the development pattern we need? If the tolerance level of people decreases at the present rate then India may divide once again in the near future.

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