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Posted by ajadhind on February 14, 2008


Interview with Mr. Govindan Kutty – Editor of Peoples March ( considered to be mouth peace of Communist Party of India ( Maoist)
Question- Morning Mr. Kutty Pl tell us something about Maoist movement in India ?
Goviundan Kutty- Maoist movement in India started from the day former Soviat Union became a revisionist country but the organized form of the movement was first visible during days of Naxalbari in year 1967.Later the movement was crushed by the government but the movement has been able to revive itself in later years on basis of self critical reports and analysis within the genuine revolutionaries of India.Now, the movement has come up very strongly against very and brutal repressions of the state .The movement faced many ups and downs splits with in the ranks who were unable to sustain stress and strains of revolutionary life ,while reaching the present state.
Question – what is the present state of Maoist movement in India?
Answer – now the Maoist movement has spread to each and every nook and corner of India
Question – you say the movement has spread to every nook and corner of the country but we have impression that the movement has faced setbacks in states like Andhra Pstates Pradesh and other states Infact the movement has lost its base in the state of Andhra Pradesh, The state that showed path of Maoism to populations of other states.What you have to say on this?
Answer- setbacks, victories, defeats, Ups and Downs will have to be faced by any revolutionary movement that is fighting against state. It is partly true that the enemies are rejoicing over the setbacks in Andhra Pradesh at the same time they also say they are feared of the movement due to failed attempt on the life of former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh recently .People of Andhra Pradesh are still with the ideology and due to severe repression by the state.It is not a static, the direction of the wind is likely to change as these elements have to face elections in coming year of 2009.
Question- There is a perception that Maoists are against developmental activities what you have to say on this?
Answer- if we were against development people wont support us. In year 2004 elections Ex Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu Naidu gave a slogan of development V/s Naxalism and he was dethroned by the people.To be frank we are not against the development without development the country cannot progress but the question is development for whom?MNC’s TNC’S , or to a handful of traitors who mortgage our country for a song or the majority of common people.
Question – Tell me, how old are you and how are you contributing to the movement ?
Answer- I am 60 years of age and wherever there is injustice I fight against it and stand against it you should also doi the same.
Questions- why the movement believes in armed struggle?
Answer- no one in the movement is fond of armed struggle. It is the situation created by repressive states that has forced the movement to become an armed movement that too a defensive armed movement to defend people against the armed onslaught of the state.
Question- today we learn from media that Nandigram is burning and Maoists are stated to be responsible for the conditions at Nandigram what you have to say on this?
Answer- It has become a fashion and a common trend to criticize Maoists and brand each and every struggle wagged by people as a Maoist initiated activity. Is it that they say that Maoists should keep away from this peoples struggle. How can the Maoists keep quiet when people are waging life & death struggles?
Question – Then tell me, Medha Patkar a known peoples worker is not being allowed to go to Nandigram and work over there? why she was bashed by the CPM cadres?
Answer- there are many reasons behind her bashing by the CPM men in Nandigram. May be a self managed act where ever there is peoples struggle she goes there and pacifies the people to not to go beyond a certain limit.A tradition guided and inherited as per the guidance of NGO’s .In WSF at Mumbai the very same people (CPM men) took her on their shoulders and gave her a big reception and publicity.I saw her photos in news papers with personalities like film maker Aparna Sen and Mahasweta Devi. I feel she can be a better actress than late Smita Patil or her contemporaries who have won many awards for superb acting.The whole world knew about Narmada Bachao Andolan it started with 80 meters then went to 85 meters then went to 90 meters and now has reached to 121 meters with Medha’s blessings.I am sure in another ten years the dam will reach its full height of 145 meters with Medha’s blessings.Her plan is to take Nandigram, the NBA way..Wherever there is trouble for the ruling classes be it Nandigram or anywhere in India Medha will be called (Invited), Basshed and publicized to pacify the sentiments of people and subdue the ongoing genuine struggles being wagged by people..
Question- what are the future expected trends and programs of the movement?
Answer- the movement will advance according to the wishes and requirements of people.If the repression and exploitation increases the movement will also be enhanced

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  1. souvik said

    Smita Patil is the realistic actress that bollywood had ever produced. She destroyed the myth that actresses require mannerisms to attract the attention of the viewers.

  2. nirupama said

    its good to hear and i feel that the movement will grow looking at the indian condition under the umbrealla of MNCs.

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