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Bhutanese Maoists launch class struggle

Posted by ajadhind on February 14, 2008

Communist Party of Bhutan (CPB-MLM) led by Birat has owned up responsibility to the explosion that took place in Samtse district inside Bhutan yesterday night, reported refugee-run new agency Bhutan News Service.According to the report, Central Committee Member of the party who identified himself as ‘John’ over a telephone conversation from undisclosed location quoted a press release issued today by Birat, general secretary of CPB-MLM, as saying that the party has begun launching ‘armed rural class struggle’ inside Bhutan to establish people’s government. John further informed that the party would launch program in three phases that include resettlement of Bhutanese people occupying the land and properties used by evictees of early 1990s, taking physical action against those spying against their democratic struggle, and deconstruction of government infrastructures in rural areas of the country. CPB-MLM has also claimed that their Sunday attack damaged all properties meant for the upcoming necessary National Assembly election scheduled for March 24 that was kept at Renewal Natural Resources (RNR) office in Ghumauney gewog inside Bhutan. John further quoted Birat’s press release as terming their armed lunch as a ‘first successful attack’.A bomb had exploded behind the Renewal Natural Resources (RNR) office in Ghumauney gewog at midnight on Sunday.The RNR office was used as a polling station during the first phase of upper house election on December 31 and has been used as residence by returning officer and the national officer deployed for National Assembly election scheduled for March 24.

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