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from the people against injustice in the society

What else can we expect from them?

Posted by ajadhind on November 19, 2007

“Freedom is taken not given” – this was Subash Chandra Bose’s opinion and he believed and followed it throughout his life. It was this idea of Subhash which created difference with Gandhi and his supporters. Gandhi and his supporting congressmen believed that they should become a part of the parliament and gradually make british rulers to “TRANSFER THE POWER”.Ultimately in the end these peple succeded in their steps and the power was transferred – INDEPENDENCE?

Independence – It is still a dream for lakhs. `British ruled us. They battered the revolutionary movements. They evendid some developmental activities. They looted the country. They helped their supporters and friends and severely punished those who opposed them. Do you find any difference between `british’ and present `ruler politicians`?

In the AICC meet recently held congressmen showed that they are loyal to Nehrufamily and they are not ashamed to be called as slaves. Inspite of his weakneses Nehru had poitical experience.But after him? His family enjoyed power without any qualification . Even PM Manmohan Singh praised Rahul and said ” he is the future of our country” what a future?!

Indira Gandhi was a famous politician . She showed her hidden face during emergence. Most of us born after emergence; now we are seeing the illefeects of emergency in Pakistan. Elders say that Indian emergency was even worse.

Sanjay Gandhi forcefully vasectomised thousands of men. Unfortunately he died in plane accident ; otherwise we would have seen his emergency ruling.

A party which always pretend to be followers of mahathma and protectors of minority killed thousands of sikhs.

If we look at the other National party BJP – it uses a man who lead the killings of thousands of muslims, Gujrat CM Narendra Modi as its TRUMPCARD!!!!


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