peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on November 17, 2007

Prime minister Manmohan singh said that if the indian economy grows at the present rate then poverty can be eliminated from the country in 10 years…….
He is right!!
India is already eliminating poverty not by improving the standards of the poorer section but by eliminating the poor people, when poor people are not alive then where is the question of poverty?

Between 1993 – 2003 1,00,248 farmers have commited suicide in India [ government souces say] but a/c to some it is 9 lakh upto 2007!!!!!! What a way to overcome poverty!!

What should be the qualification to rule [ no politician is leading country i suppose] ? degree , peoples support leadership qualities ? no in congress if you belong to nehru family then you are fit to rule or lead or destroy a country. Now sonia gandhi is super PM , next it will be rahul’s chance , according to our PM Rahul represents the youth !!!!!
If this rule holds good everywhere then why i wasted my precious years in getting medical degree , my father is a doctor and i am his son so i also have the right to put Dr. behind my name without reading or passing………… is that acceptable??

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