peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on November 1, 2007

“Survival of the fittest ” – this is the rule in forests. young and energetic animals should survive because they are fit and diseased and old animals die as they are unable to find their food. We have come far from that forest laws and that rule shouldn’t hold good for us. We can’t let die our old parents just because they are old.

But in the world of globalisation the things are changing. “Everyone shold live” – policy is gradually disappearing. You ask supporters of big malls, they say that ` those who are fit they will survive in the market. Malls have the capacity and they will do it. If a owner of a petty shop cannot compete let him close his shop. We are not responsible and least bothered’.

If `survival of the fittest’ becomes the human policy then how can we punish gangsters,murderers? Even they can utter the same words ” we know how to kill and how to ake hafta and we are fit to do it” can we let them off by applying fitness formula?

We should grow, ofcourse a little bit more than our competitors but the competition shouldn’t end in the death of our competitor.

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