peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on October 8, 2007

The `Ruling people’ always gives this call to naxals “come to main stream, we will discuss and sort out things”. But what is their in the mainstream? In these days when the mineral water is not 100% pure no one expects the ` mainstream ‘ to be pure upto 75%. But atleast 75% purity should be there. WHERE IS IT? A youth who sees the present day politics in Karnataka will lose
hope in this Democracy. Everyone is behind power.

If H.D.Kumaraswamy and his father Devegowda had transferred the power then the same BJP personnel would have praised them like anything. How can we gain faith in a system in which the party which was in 3rd position in the previous polls enjoyed the power for last 38 months, they had Deputy CM post for first 18 months and CM post for next 20 months. Each time they had alignment with 2 different parties. No one cared for the principles.

Devegowda has virtually shifted his politics from ” dilli to gully” and he is least bothered about his and his parties image. He just want power in his hands or under his control. Some of the congressmen are getting ready to join hands with JD[S] again just because they don’t have guts to face election and more than that they need power. Is this the culture of so called ” GANDHI PARTY”?

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