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Posted by ajadhind on September 14, 2007

Personally i don’t believe in god. But inspite of that i like lord Ganesha because he played an important role in the independence movement of our country. His participation in the movement was by the efforts of Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

During the rule of Peshwas Ganeshotsava was celebrated as an annual fest . After their downfall Ganeshotsava limited to household. Tilak thought that Ganeshotsava can be celebrated in a national level and it can be a stage for revolutionary movement. he brought Lord Ganapati from `house to public stage’.

Tilak compared this Ganeshotsava to Olympics of Greece. Olympic games increased the patriotism in Greece and so did the Ganeshotsava in India. As the meetings , stage and speeches were under the cover of RELIGION British hesitated to stop them. This helped the independence movement a lot.

Even after Independence the Ganeshotsava continued in a similar waybut unfortunately it has virtually moved to arrack shops and bars. A movement which played an important role in our Independence is now a festival of goondas, drinkers and small political leaders to show their `power’.

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