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from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on August 12, 2007

Recently a fashion show was held in bengalooru to promote the sale of bikini. Media people showed it in their news and said it was a new era in advertisement world in India.

Few months back a incident took place in a village in Kanataka during some festival where some dancers participated with less dresses and the same media showed it as an uncivilized act which hampered our culture!! CONFUSING……………. wear less dresses in a city in a fashion show is cultural but same thing outside city becomes uncultured act.

Drink alcohol and enjoy with great music in pubs – is party culture in cosmopolitan cities, do the same in dhabas in taluks or districts – uncultured youth; CONFUSING…..

Ban arracj promote other alcohol products!! are the other products good to health??

Wrong is wrong outside cosmopolitan cities but the same wrong becomes right in cities………….TOTALLY CONFUSED…………..RIGHT OR WRONG.

One Response to “THE CONFUSING WORLD!!”

  1. It is crude double standard. Village dancers earn little by nude dancing. Porno models earn a lot through nude modeling and nude fashion parades. Rich prostitutes(models) are not considered as criminals in this capitalist society.

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