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from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on August 12, 2007

After accepting globalisation every 2 minutes a farmer dies in India. Even if we consider that out of these farmers half of them commited suicide because of problems other than related to agriculture farmer in India is commiting suicide at a rate of 1 per 4 min.Shocking thing but true…

Everyone in the manufacturing field decides the price of his product based on his investment, raw materials cost, salary to workers. He will keep considerable amount of profit. Only person who cannot fix the price for his product is FARMER.

We should accept the fact that when price of a some vegetable rises or demand for a product increases in international market[ usually this occurs due to decrease in the production in other countries and that occurs only for that year] farmers grow that product in a large scale. This results in fall in price and a great loss to farmers. There is a department to look after the agricultural activities in the country. They should make the farmers to grow a specific crop based on the probable future demands, but unfotunatwly very few people of this department are interested are interested in field activities. Most of them are involved in research, even most of these research will not reach the fields and they cherish and perish in labs.

In a country like India where the total literacy rate is 65.4% [census 2001] we can’t expect each and every farmer to visit the agricultural department to gain knowledge and to clear doubts. Governments which always say that they are for farmers should take action to decentralise the research centres from lab to fields.

When a product will not overflow in the market, the price will not fall -> helps farmers.

When a product is supplied without any shortage, the price will not hike -> helps customers.

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