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from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on August 2, 2007

Our nation is not developed because of politicians , corruption is more in the country because of them………. why always politicians are targeted? who elected them? PEOPLE.

NORTH KARNATAKA:- ‘Governments will not give interest for the development of North Karnataka when compared to south’ almost all kannadigas from North Districts say this. But who is responsible for this? Politicians or people who elected them.

Gulbarga and Jevargi are among the most backward Taluks of the state represented by Mr.Mallikarjuna Kharge and Mr. Dharmasingh. They are getting elected from about 35 -40 years , why people are electing them when they have not done any improvement . Moreover these 2 are very influential. dharmasingh was chief minister for ‘ some months’ – The word ‘some ‘ should not hinder the development – Development of ramnagara by present CM Kumarswamy is an example how a politician can improve the area he is representing inspite of his weakness and ‘ make money policy’.

Though members of JD[s] , BJP, Congress are criticizing him by telling that ‘he should remember that he is Karnataka’s CM and not ramanagar CM’ we should appreciate his work of establishing hospitals etc.. No other CM developed his hometown like this.

Dharmasingh would have done this and removed the word ‘backward’ from his Taluk. But why he failed? Is he neglecting the territory by thinking that people ‘will’ vote for him irrespective of his interest towards its development?

People should think twice if they respect democracy.

LAST BIT:- It is a shame to CM that he transferred an officer from Chamundi temple , Mysooru just because of a complaint from film actress Radhika.[ofcourse she is not ‘just because’ for karnataka’s CM]

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