peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on July 31, 2007

These incidents make us to have faith in the judiciary system of the country but unfortunately these incidents occur rarely.

After 14 long years the victims of the Bombay blast case are punished , Sanjay dutt was punished atlast today and hopefully he is imprisoned for 6 years , Rigorous imprisonement.

I pity for those who prayed to god , who sent lot of Sms to TV channels to release Sanjay , but the court has shown that everyone is equal in front of law, if you improve your behaviour after involving in a crime doesn’t matters and whatever is your IMAGE outside the court will remain outside the court only.

However the battle is not yet over , he will appeal to the higher court, let us hope that even their he will be punished.

When more and more celebrities involved in the crime are punished by the court it raises the faith of so called misguided youths {?} like me to believe in Democracy………….. let us hope for more events like this……….. LAL SALAM

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