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from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on July 29, 2007

Another president election is over. Unfortunately it was completely filled with dirty politics.Whether new President prathibha patil is fit to be in that post ? Her future steps will tell that.

But about her qualifications? her loyalty to the Nehru family was the most important qualification!!

Inspite of all these politics involved in the election let us congratulate the first women President.

JD(S) steps:-

MLA’s of JD[s] of Karnataka ,showed that inspite of being elected by Democratic way they show least respect to this Democracy.Just because  of their Supremo Devegouda’s decisions no one voted in the election. of course their votes are not of that value since Prathibha won the election by a large difference.

But how can these MLA’s come to people and ask their votes in the next election?


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