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Posted by ajadhind on July 23, 2007

Few years back the word terrorist was used to indicate LTTE, ULFA, MAOISTS, PAK BASED MILITANTS etc……… in a broad sense. But in present situation the word TERRORIST has become synonymous with MUSLIM. Though aa muslims may not support a war which is based fully on regional grounds non-muslims of the world are gradually coming to an opinion that all muslims should be viewed with suspicion.

Who is responsible for this situation? America which supported Osama bin laden to fight against Russia; America which started a war against Afghan and Iraq? These reasons are becoming outdated now . Ofcourse they were the initiating factors for the leaders who were blindfolded by the religious thinkings to start a war against non-muslim countries and now countries like Pakistan is also suffering from “PAN ISLAMIC MOVEMENT”.

Inspite of many incidents of communal disharmony majority of hindus and muslims lived and living inharmony in our country.Communal wars that occured in India [ excluding those that occured durin independence] were mainly because of individual rivalries [ boy teasing a girl , conflict between 2 persons for some other reasons], big reasons was really rare.

“CHANGE is the only constant thing “. Indian muslims are also getting changed but unforunately they are changing from NATIONALISM TOWARDS PAN ISLAMISM.
Cd’s of Saddam Hussain’s hanging, Al Qaeda are circulating among muslims particularly in the youth. The elder generation of muslim community is a part of India and they are loyal to India[some more than hindus] but we can’t say the same regarding the muslim youth. They are becoming loyal to the religion [i think they have understood it in a wrong way] and not to any nation.

Education will help inshaping a persons characters, it makes individual civilized – these words arelosing meaning because we can believe an illiterate mechanic but not an educated [?] doctor. Some of my senior students were a part of SIMI before it was banned [ this was told to me by a muslim friend who strongly opposed any kind of terrorism] i dont know whether they are still a part of it .
I never hated a person based on his religion. There are some muslims who prayed for the victory of Taliban, but they never prayed during Kargil war.
How can a person neglect his nation?
How can we love such individuals?

The main thing that brings suspicion in non-muslims of India is Madrasas. They are considered as the “SCHOOL OF TERRORISTS”. Though many madrasas are like Gurukulas of hindu community accumulation of terrorists in madrasas of Pakistan create suspicion about madrasas in India.
Why this is happening?
The reason is simple people outside the madrasas never know what is happening inside the madrasas, people of muslim community/ Moulvi’s have never written an article about their activities in magazines or papers [ I have not read them in any magazine , if anyone finds such article please mail it]. When people start hiding about their activities everyone will get suspicion that some injustifiable activity is taking place there.

Inspite of war for religious sake no one can create disharmony between a MUSLIM WHO TELL ‘SHIVA SHIVAWHEN HE BECOME ANXIOUS AND HINDU TELLING ‘YA ALI’ AFTER YAWNING. [i am lucky that i know both of them].

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