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Posted by ajadhind on July 18, 2007

Those dreams:-
Why this happens with me repeatedly?
The incidence occured few years back; that evening i was in “Hi Bangalore” [kannada weekly] office, i was one among 250-300 people who gathered to meet Ganesh Mattennanavar [ police officer who was suspended and arrested for keeping dummy bombs in the ‘shashakara bhavana’, he was brought out from the jail by Ravi Belagere, editor of Hi Bangalore]. People came from Mandya, Mysooru, Bengalooru, And even from far away districts like Belagaavi and koppala. We had hope and faith in him. He had the capacity to lead people which i think we were or atleast i was lacking. We had a hope that he will lead us in a right path through the organisation NAMMINDA” meaning from us that was inaugurated on that day. But our hope , our faithdidnot last longer. For some reason unknown to us Ganesh sir joined BJP.He may have felt secure after joining BJP but he made hundreds of people to lose faith in principled people.
Pre Saket Days:-
Saket never thought of revenges. Parvathi and Hajima were killed in Malnad but there was no revenge action from naxals probably because of Saket’s leadership.
His main aim was to educate people about the social and economic injusticeprevailed in the area and get support from them to start a fight for justice in a full pledged manner. He never lost his patience which is a quality of good leadership.
Post Saket Days:-
8 were killed in venkatamannahalli following death of saket and shivalingu.Death of saket attracted many people towards naxalism. It gained sympathy from all over the state. Comrades made the movement strong in Malnad.
Still many naxals were killed in malnad after saket’s encounter. Naxals killed Sheshaih but it had some good reason.
But in recent days what is happening in Malnad?
Are they getting lumpenised?:-
This is the first doubt [i hope that it is not true. Have they became restless from not doing anything.
Naxals burnt police outpost-no one questions that.
Naxals killed Venkatesh telling that he was a police informant- this is not acceptable completely.Naxals are with guns and the government which has to solve social and economic problems is also with guns and people has to identify themself either with naxals or police. Both can endanger life in the present situation.
Dacoitis done to collect money [ however mail from comrade gangadhar tells that they have not done this, whatever may be the real issue media have projected it as naxal activity gangadhar sir] is not a solution. The situation in Malnad is totally different from AndhraPradesh where landlords are dictators.
Are these problems are due Andhra mentality leaders leading the movement in Malnad? The principles will remain same in any areas but the route should differ.
Government adding 2+2+5+….+…….to the encounter list and naxals killing informants will not solve the problem.
I fear that at last the naxal movement in Malnad will end in a mere fight between police and naxals. That again ruines my hope.
In the end:-
Whatever may be the end result i am grateful to Che , Ganesh, Rajeev dixit, Naxal Comrades because they have made me to go in a right path with principles and i hope and i promise that i will be in the same path till last breath of my life.


One Response to “TRUTH THAT HURTS”

  1. Why whole media hype against Naxals ? Are they killing innocent people like we see in NE and had gone through in Punjab ?
    Are they killing commom man due to his race, color or religion…like we see in Kandhamal or in Gujarat?

    Why ? I think NAXALS are only answer to corruption and injustice state dis with poor and powerless people. I think Naxals are making true democracy but with baton in hand, so that no one could dare to nreak rules.

    I think there are lot of people in middle class who need naxals to come their place. I am sure we will sleep better in our homes that day because police is puppet of state/ ministers and anyone can play anyone’s life provided he has money.

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