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CPI (Maoist) statement on state sponsored decoit

Posted by ajadhind on July 18, 2007

Respected editors,representatives of the media and  progressive and democratic organizations and individuals. Struggle greetings to you. We are sending this release on dacoit of 4 houses near Agumbe, for your kind information and requesting to publish the same in the esteemed media with due consideration.

Yours in struggle

For the state committee

Wide news are conspicuously spread that we did dacoit of 4 houses and taken kilos of silver, tens of thousands of rupees and snatched ear rings and thali and chains from the women by thrashing them e t c.

This is stage-managed dacoity by the bajarangadal,bhaaratheeya janatha party leaders and police combine. Police themselves participated with sophisticated weapons and wearing masks with baja ranga dala goons in dacoity as they and bajarangadala are good experienced ones  on this by their routine practice of running theft,loot and sandal wood smuggling.    This is for diverting public attention from cowardly atyadka fake encounter of theirs and imposing fascist terror and killings on people further.They trying avoid any enquiry of their crimes of cold blooded murders. They earlier also did these type of dacoity nearby kallugudde and other area in smaller level in the name of us. They also burnt government bus in nearby sringeri and tried to charge it on us, but their intention was not fulfilled.They exposed themselves before the public.Police  kept silence on those matters.No heroic! Arrests, no heroic! encounters were made for that. 

    They and so-called law keepers did not shout for action on bus burners and looters at that time. The leaders of bajaranga dala and police officials jointly planned this shameful dacoity. They looted gun only for charging blame on us.
  We never do dacoity,we only sieze looted belongings of common people with criteria of social justice. We do any thing with open declartion. we never hide those things from the people.

We did not sent any threatening letter to BJP MLA  of theerthahalli  Aaraga jnanendra  and others.We are not indulge in such acts. We declare openly on any such matters. Jnaanendra got nervoused by his anti social acts,exploitation,patronizing sandal wood and timber mafia and loot, so that he applied for police protection with cunning method ,hero pose and created emotional scene in the house to get sympathy of other members of the assembly.  Now  lieng  shamefully that threatening  letter received from us.BJP MLA of karkala Sunilkumar  acting as a goon without changing  habits and profession of his previous life, without considering whatever oath he took while entering assembly,  at least for  the name sake.Bajarangadala�s  sandal mafia leader Mahendrakumar  shouting arrogantly after completing dacoity  to take stringent action on us without any  investigation. These three were connived with this plot of dacoity.    Ruling government and fascist sanghparivaar playing dangerous games. This will certainly attracts serious repercussions. No one of these crimes can hide from the  people. These types of cowardice and cunning acts never won in the history of revolutionary movement. No such reactionary force  can divert people and their participation  in struggle by these type acts.

  We are demanding  government question  Mahendra kumar,Sunilkumaar,Aaraga jnaanendra and  police officials on this dacoity by independent investigative agencies other than police department.

We requesting to conduct independent enquiries by pro people, democratic  and human rights organizations  on this dacoity and harassment of women and reveal the facts of dacoity.

We are appealing people and democrats to condemn and fight against these communal and state combine�s  crimes on people.
 With revolutionary greetings

For the state committee

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