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CPI(Maoist) karnataka- press release on hatyadka fake encounter

Posted by ajadhind on July 15, 2007

Respectable editors and representatives of the media. Struggle greetings.  We are sending this press release on fake encounter of Atyadka on 10th july morning. 

Please favour this for publication with due consideration in the esteemed media.

Yours in struggle,
For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)

State police goons murdered 5 people in atyadka near menasinahadya of koppa talluk.In that our malanadu area committe member com Goutham is one among them. All others are poor asivasi village people.The state  armed goons (anti naxalite force) of the state indiscriminately fired on the house from all sides intentionally without caring sleeping people there. They did not considered to leave house owner and others lives even they could avoid that bloodshed. They caught them and later killed there to create terror among struggling people. Now concocted the story of encounter and wounded police etc to cover up their fascist cruelty. After killing they played drama of encounter by firing indiscriminately on that house for few a minutes.

There was no real encounter happened. They avoided public and media to see even dead bodies until 4 o clock yesterday. They tried  to wipe out all evidences; including that house holders, of fake encounter.  They only allowed seeing the bodies after completing their drama and stories of lies even people protested it strongly. Before that they floated the news as 2dead, 5 were arrested, few were surrendered.5 police were seriously wounded,3 hours of gunfight etc in the media.
Kumara swami’s coalition government started creating ground for these type of fascist repression on struggling people through creating fear among intellectuals, people and democrats who are voicing against government’ s anti people policies and acts. Some intellectuals were even heeded to it and they made public apologies to the government by saying that armed struggle of the people is anti people one, against to the people’s interests etc and they are opposing it and supporting the government for maintaining democracy, peace?!…

  Com Goutham hailed from poor peasant family of Thurvihal village of sindhnoor talluk in Raichur district. He completed his post graduation, worked as a lecturer for short period and joined our squad few years back. Though he was not familiar with the conditions of the malnad he adjusted himself. He became an area committee member in 2005. He was a good reader; reading of new books is his enthusiastic habit.  He was simple and dedicated his life to the people’s cause until his last breath.
  Com. Parmeshwara hailed from the poor adivasi family of hatyadka of koppa talluk, chickmagalore dist. He was active in adivasi struggle, took leading role in several struggles. He was serving as general secretary of anti national park federation. He is much interested in grasping politics of exploitation, feudalism, imperialism etc. He never misses any resources of knowledge.
  Rame  gowdlu,Kaveramma and  Sundaresh were poor adivasi peasants of Menasina hadya and Atyadka.They were actively participated in struggles, good,  simple and loving people. They always with the side of the masses. They served our squads with affection.

We are saluting these great martyrs. We are heartily sharing sorrows of their family and relatives.
  By inflicting these types of crimes on humanity and struggling people, revolutionary movement cannot be stopped. Fascist ruling classes were here started applying their entire fascist weapons to destroy and suppress revolutionary and peoples movement as their last resort. They are not comfortable with the so-called democracy, rules, norms etc for their exploitation and loot. Fascist Kumara swami government must take responsibility of these political murders.

  Ruling class and imperialist stooges Kumara swami, Yadiyurappa, M.P prakash like politicians and Shankarbidari, A.M. prasad,Vipulkumar like police officers will  learn proper lessons from the people and will have to pay proper price for these crimes.

  We strongly condemn these cold-blooded murders and strongly demanding to conduct independent judicial enquiry on the matter. 

  We are demanding to book murder cases on respective police officers and arrest them immediately.
  We appeal all pro people organizations and individuals to condemn this state murders and fight against it.

  All appeal all intellectuals and democrats to condemn this state murder for safeguarding people, their cause, democratic rights and human rights.

We are appealing all human rights organizations and activists to conduct independent enquiries on this matter and reveal actual facts before the public.

With struggle greetings   

For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)

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