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Posted by ajadhind on July 15, 2007

Times Network
Bengalooru oct 12 : –
In an unfortunate incident that occured today morning at around 11:00 a.m , Infosys Narayanmurthy’s car decelerated because of a small stone lying on the road , Mr. Murty was on his way to home from airport. Chief Minister Mr. xxx ……………………..”
The day is not far to read a paper with the above news in the main page which will become a Top story of some leading News channel.
Gandhiji dreamed about the development of villages ; his name still furnishes in the banners of National parties but his ideal perished.
Crores of rupees are invested for the development of cities [ especially bengalooru in karnataka] centralising the growth to one centre which naturally attracts the people from far villages , taluks and even districts. This leads to overpopulation in a city which is built to accomodate lesser number of peop-le than present. Then the probles of infrastructurebegins for which government has no solution.
Instead of decentralising the growth they invest further crores to cities unscientifically.
Leaders in the corporate world who are responsible for tjhis tell people to stay in villages and to improve it.
Why should people stay in villages? They don’t have roads,adequate water supply , electricity. Educated villagers have to leave their taluk and sometimes even district to get a job and no one can expect them to live in villages which are hundreds of kilometers from the main city bengalooru. If development is equally distributed in all districts question of leaving the home doesn’t arises.
At last only aged people live in villages , they cannot work; however they can manage the work in fields but where are field workers???????? they are in city slums…………….

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