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Posted by ajadhind on July 10, 2007

 5 naxals were killed in an encounter by antinaxal force in koppa taluk of chikmagalur.

The incidence has occured today morning between 7 : 45 to 10:45, police personnel says.The encounter took place when the naxals were in a meeting at a villagers house.

5 naxals were killed i the incident, 1 injured who was shifted to manipal hospital.

Home Minister of Karnataka M.P.Prakash said that 2 policemen got injured during the attack , one sustained serious head injury. Policemen shifted to Manipal hospital, Manipal for further  management.

Name of the naxals






Injured person – Praveen
However these details are not confirmed yet.

Suspicion over the incident:-

The overall incident is creating suspicion whether they are naxals or not.The villagers of the place are very angry about the policemen and they are telling that the people killed by the police are not at all naxals.

The behaviour of the policemen also creating the suspicion.In the beginning they said that only one was killed by name Goutham who is a M.A scholar from Gulbarga university, later they changed the statement that 5 were killed and 3 were arrested, and now they tell that 5 killed , 1 injured. Yet the final statement of the police is awaited.

Police are not allowing any press personnel to enter the region where encounter took place, this is again arousing the suspicion in the way that are they manipulaing the site to show the world that they were naxals, have the polce killed some innocent people and trying to project them as naxal comrades………….. lots of question remains unanswered ????

Can the police justify the death of 5 naxal comrades[?] ???

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