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Posted by ajadhind on July 5, 2007

Future doctors will be without humanity….. they will be money minded ……….. even a single doctor will not care for the patient’s benefits.
About 3 years back, i was in 2rd year i think , we did a protest against the rapid and very high price hike in the medical profession. It was a one day protest , we tried to block the roads, people scolded us for disturbing the traffic and also the police started shouting at us.
In reality we are not the sufferers from fees hike, we get loans frpom the bank and more than that rich people will get into the medical profession.
When i joined the medical course our fees was Rs 15,000 per annum for free seat and 1 lakh 7,000 for payment seat. Now these fees are 45,000 and 3kakhs respectively ; these figures are just for MBBS degree. For Post graduation in private colleges it is above 4 lakhs per annum , and only few extremely intelligent people can get seats in government colleges and rich people are affodable to get seats in private sector.
A person from middle class family after spending [ considering free seat in MBBS ] 2 lakhs for MBBS and 12 lakhs for PG [ these figures are just the tution fees , extra fee collected by college and other expenditure of the student including books, hostel etc .. are excluded ] a total of Rs 14 lakhs just for fees , why should one expect that he should serve people , he should work in a rural place where basic facilities are not available for Rs 15- 17,000 per month. I have spent 15 lakhs i will earn it as soon as possible this will be the attitude of future doctors…………… whom should we blame ?????

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