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why naxalism? reply to a comment

Posted by ajadhind on June 22, 2007

I came across your site as an accident. I am a central government employee from orissa working in Mumbai.

Before going further I wonder whether you are an advocate of free speech or a naxal sympathizer.

Despite all these I feel hurt when I see or hear somebody dead whether it is a naxal, a tribal or a police or politician as life is a beautiful gift by god and none has the right to take the life of other.

In this context , I have following questions for you.

1. is Dear sir,
there no chance of a success of a non violent protest . we are not like western countries who have gained their independence by armed revolution. Our independence has been achieved by non- violence and I think there is still a chance for peaceful protests in this country if it is done from the heart with a noble cause.

Do you think there will be any politician, any police or any bureaucrat in this country who will shot dead hundreds of unarmed protesters protesting for their right. I feel we still do not have such monsters in India.

And by the way, even if they are beaten, kicked or tortured ,they can still protest till their death instead of fighting an meaningless war.

2.why do the naxals team up with foreign elements like those from Nepal and does that not make them equivalent to jihadis of Kashmir. I think whether we call them naxals or what so ever ,they are still Indian and there should be a bit of indianness in them which should force them to reconsider the strategy of mutual blood shedding. there mutual ego problem among the higher echelons of the naxal hierarchy like that of ltte.

4. what does the killing of innocent tribals mean. Is not it terrorism.

5. is it necessary to loot, kill, torture. I think the present day naxals are far away from the so called principle on which the original movement started.

6. what are these people going to do with the part of the country they intend to seize. What about the administration ,revenue and management of these so called red areas and what about the future of the inhabitants of this zone.
Do you think these revolutionaries can ever be more powerful than the mighty Indian army and what if the army one day decides to take on these people . will they ever be able to out do the armed forces of this country .

I do not whether know you are going to reply to this mail. As an individual ,I am fed up with this country and the antiques of the people in power , yet I believe in god and pray everyday that this country should get destroyed by natural disaster(I have seen twi like the super cyclone of orissa and the tsunami from close quarters and escaped the later by few moments) facilitating a new beginning and such so as I do not have the power and desire to fight with arms and I can not stand the sight of blood .

I also feel that the thought of the degrading condition of the country has aquired my mind so much that I have got high blood pressure, psychiatric problem and I hesitate to move out with my family due to the falling law and order . And your comrades have added another fear to my life as I am an regular train traveler in long routes

If you are really with the naxals then please ask them to explore the possibilities of peace with non violence and I think I can help as a mediator if actually somebody invites me to be one provided there is complete absence of bloodshed and a realization that we all are human beings born out of divine wish to lead a peaceful co –existence without spoiling his gracious creation by blood and gory.

Thank you.


This is the comment left by a   person in the article areas affected by naxalism in blogspot

By arguing we can’t come to a decision , I don’t believe in god ; arguing with a friend who believes in god for hours together is of no use , at the end of argument we will be in a same position at which we were in the beginning.

However this friend has asked me to reply and I think as a blogger it is my duty to reply.

 First thing I want to make clear is though our Independence is said to have achieved mainly through the act of non violence, can we say that only Gandhiji and his followers are responsible for Indian independence ?? works of Rajguru, Bhagat , Ajad, Subash, Sukhdev is that of no value……….

I am from middle class family and I have not faced much problems in the society , but I have seen people harassing other [ particularly in the field of medicine as I am a doctor ] and also in other fields as my journalist friends reports it to me. We have monsters in our country and it is the truth. 

As I have mentioned many times in the blog none of the systems are 100% perfect ….. those who follow principles will run towards perfectionism but no one in the world has achieved perfect state. If we run towards perfection atleast we can go near it.

Even naxalism can’t escape criticism I never say that it is a perfect system …… but as per my knowledge it is the only active revolutionary system in our country against the rules of the government .

There are naxals who are lumpenised [ away from the principles] and the media who are almost always against the naxal ideas[ except some] projected these lumpenised ones as the real naxals.

Even if naxal rules the country  ……… there will rise another group against the wrong principles of that government………. Because naxalism is a word that should be given to any person or a system which fights against injustice.

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