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Democratic country!!!!

Posted by ajadhind on June 11, 2007

Most of our countrymates are happy to be a part of democratic nation but in  reality what is happening here. 

Some of the incidences:-


1.In the website ORKUT some of the members commented about shiv sena and shivaji, whether the comments were right or wrong it is a matter of debate. But so called followers of the shiv sena troop attacked the cyber café, they were so brutal with the fellows in the café who had no relationship with the opinions of orkut surfers. Even the police acted like their servants by lodging complaints against the website without even questioning the shiv sainiks.Instead they were watching the brutality of  those persons.


2.Aanu deva horaginavanu……… a book written by Dr. banjagere , which was written in an intention to reveal the facts of the caste of BASAVANNA[ there is no necessity to reveal the caste of a person who told that we should leave our castes]. There was a seminar conducted in bangalore to discuss about the book, one fellow who calls himself as a follower of basavanna attacked on the writers who came to discuss the facts of the book.

 No one can escape from criticism because neither a system [it may be democracy, naxalism, communism, secularism, socialism] nor a person in this world is 100% perfect. Every one has a right to express his opinions, our constitution has given that right, if you are not satisfied with others opinion on you that doesn’t mean that you should go and attack them physically……… because  this is a democratic country… but without democratic policies I suppose.

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