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why naxalism? reply to a comment

Posted by ajadhind on June 22, 2007

I came across your site as an accident. I am a central government employee from orissa working in Mumbai.

Before going further I wonder whether you are an advocate of free speech or a naxal sympathizer.

Despite all these I feel hurt when I see or hear somebody dead whether it is a naxal, a tribal or a police or politician as life is a beautiful gift by god and none has the right to take the life of other.

In this context , I have following questions for you.

1. is Dear sir,
there no chance of a success of a non violent protest . we are not like western countries who have gained their independence by armed revolution. Our independence has been achieved by non- violence and I think there is still a chance for peaceful protests in this country if it is done from the heart with a noble cause.

Do you think there will be any politician, any police or any bureaucrat in this country who will shot dead hundreds of unarmed protesters protesting for their right. I feel we still do not have such monsters in India.

And by the way, even if they are beaten, kicked or tortured ,they can still protest till their death instead of fighting an meaningless war.

2.why do the naxals team up with foreign elements like those from Nepal and does that not make them equivalent to jihadis of Kashmir. I think whether we call them naxals or what so ever ,they are still Indian and there should be a bit of indianness in them which should force them to reconsider the strategy of mutual blood shedding. there mutual ego problem among the higher echelons of the naxal hierarchy like that of ltte.

4. what does the killing of innocent tribals mean. Is not it terrorism.

5. is it necessary to loot, kill, torture. I think the present day naxals are far away from the so called principle on which the original movement started.

6. what are these people going to do with the part of the country they intend to seize. What about the administration ,revenue and management of these so called red areas and what about the future of the inhabitants of this zone.
Do you think these revolutionaries can ever be more powerful than the mighty Indian army and what if the army one day decides to take on these people . will they ever be able to out do the armed forces of this country .

I do not whether know you are going to reply to this mail. As an individual ,I am fed up with this country and the antiques of the people in power , yet I believe in god and pray everyday that this country should get destroyed by natural disaster(I have seen twi like the super cyclone of orissa and the tsunami from close quarters and escaped the later by few moments) facilitating a new beginning and such so as I do not have the power and desire to fight with arms and I can not stand the sight of blood .

I also feel that the thought of the degrading condition of the country has aquired my mind so much that I have got high blood pressure, psychiatric problem and I hesitate to move out with my family due to the falling law and order . And your comrades have added another fear to my life as I am an regular train traveler in long routes

If you are really with the naxals then please ask them to explore the possibilities of peace with non violence and I think I can help as a mediator if actually somebody invites me to be one provided there is complete absence of bloodshed and a realization that we all are human beings born out of divine wish to lead a peaceful co –existence without spoiling his gracious creation by blood and gory.

Thank you.


This is the comment left by a   person in the article areas affected by naxalism in blogspot

By arguing we can’t come to a decision , I don’t believe in god ; arguing with a friend who believes in god for hours together is of no use , at the end of argument we will be in a same position at which we were in the beginning.

However this friend has asked me to reply and I think as a blogger it is my duty to reply.

 First thing I want to make clear is though our Independence is said to have achieved mainly through the act of non violence, can we say that only Gandhiji and his followers are responsible for Indian independence ?? works of Rajguru, Bhagat , Ajad, Subash, Sukhdev is that of no value……….

I am from middle class family and I have not faced much problems in the society , but I have seen people harassing other [ particularly in the field of medicine as I am a doctor ] and also in other fields as my journalist friends reports it to me. We have monsters in our country and it is the truth. 

As I have mentioned many times in the blog none of the systems are 100% perfect ….. those who follow principles will run towards perfectionism but no one in the world has achieved perfect state. If we run towards perfection atleast we can go near it.

Even naxalism can’t escape criticism I never say that it is a perfect system …… but as per my knowledge it is the only active revolutionary system in our country against the rules of the government .

There are naxals who are lumpenised [ away from the principles] and the media who are almost always against the naxal ideas[ except some] projected these lumpenised ones as the real naxals.

Even if naxal rules the country  ……… there will rise another group against the wrong principles of that government………. Because naxalism is a word that should be given to any person or a system which fights against injustice.

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Democratic country!!!!

Posted by ajadhind on June 11, 2007

Most of our countrymates are happy to be a part of democratic nation but in  reality what is happening here. 

Some of the incidences:-


1.In the website ORKUT some of the members commented about shiv sena and shivaji, whether the comments were right or wrong it is a matter of debate. But so called followers of the shiv sena troop attacked the cyber café, they were so brutal with the fellows in the café who had no relationship with the opinions of orkut surfers. Even the police acted like their servants by lodging complaints against the website without even questioning the shiv sainiks.Instead they were watching the brutality of  those persons.


2.Aanu deva horaginavanu……… a book written by Dr. banjagere , which was written in an intention to reveal the facts of the caste of BASAVANNA[ there is no necessity to reveal the caste of a person who told that we should leave our castes]. There was a seminar conducted in bangalore to discuss about the book, one fellow who calls himself as a follower of basavanna attacked on the writers who came to discuss the facts of the book.

 No one can escape from criticism because neither a system [it may be democracy, naxalism, communism, secularism, socialism] nor a person in this world is 100% perfect. Every one has a right to express his opinions, our constitution has given that right, if you are not satisfied with others opinion on you that doesn’t mean that you should go and attack them physically……… because  this is a democratic country… but without democratic policies I suppose.

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police informant killed

Posted by ajadhind on June 5, 2007

Chikamagalur, Jun 4: After a few days Naxalites have hit news headlines once again, but in a ‘bloody’ manner. A group of 5 Naxalites shot a shopkeeper dead at Gandaghatta near Kigga of Shringeri here on Sunday June 3 night.

The deceased has been identified as Kesamudi Venkatesh (45) of Gandaghatta. He was shot dead in front of his wife Madhu and son in their shop-cum-house at Gandaghatta around 8.30 on Sunday night. When the Naxalites came to the shop, Venkatesh was closing it down. But Naxalites pulled him out, stabbed him, burnt his mobike and finally shot him in his head from a point-blank range.

While one Kalasappa who was in the shop fled the place immediately, neighbors closed their doors in fear when Naxalites attacked Venkatesh. After shooting Venkatesh to death, Naxals said to have warned the locals of same fate if any one of them tries to pass on information about them to police or ANF.

One Dinakar of Kuthloor in Beltangady taluk of Dakshina Kannada who had identified himself with the Naxalites had been shot dead by police at Kigga on December 26. He was shot dead in front of Ventakesh’s brother Yogappa’s house. Naxalites were of the firm opinion that it was owing to Venkatesh that police had trapped Dinakar and shot him dead.

This for the second time that Naxals have shot down a civilian. Earlier another police informer Sheshaiah was shot dead at Menasinahadya on May 17, 2005 at avenge Naxal leader Saket Rajan’s killing by police. Later Chandrakant, an agriculturist from Hemmige near Shringeri was attacked and injured by Naxals on November 21, 2005. Now once again the Naxals have resorted to violence and killed a civilian.


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The Continuing Long March for a New India

Posted by ajadhind on June 2, 2007

May 25, 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the great Naxalbari peasant uprising, the uprising that had blazed a bold new trail for a new democratic India with agrarian revolution as its core. Today as rural India reels under a deepening agrarian crisis, as peasants and agrarian labourers fighting for their land and livelihood face the brutal onslaught of the state, and students and intellectuals express their open and active solidarity with the fighting peasants, Naxalbari once again evokes a powerful resonance in the public mind. And the resonance gets stronger when we once again hear the CPI(M) cry foul against the Naxalites! Back in those stormy years of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Indian state tried all the means at its command to crush the uprising and suppress the new Communist Party – the CPI(ML) – that had emerged in its wake. Illegal detention and third-degree torture, fake encounters and organised massacres – every method of repression was freely practised by the state in its war on Naxalism. With the custodial killing of Comrade Charu Mazumdar in Kolkata’s Lalbazar lock-up (28 July, 1972), the Indian state heaved a huge sigh of relief and triumphantly claimed to have eliminated the ‘scourge of Naxalism’. This military war was of course coupled with an aggressive political strategy. The Congress led by Indira Gandhi, and backed by sections of old communists, went all-out to whip up a triumphant nationalist frenzy following India’s victory over Pakistan in the Bangladesh war (young Rahul Gandhi has recalled this as his family’s historic contribution to the breaking up of Pakistan) and spread socialistic illusions with slogans like ‘Garibi Hataao’ and measures like bank nationalisation and abolition of ‘privy purse’. By June 1975, this politico-military strategy of the Congress had culminated in a full-scale reign of Emergency. The myth that Naxalbari had been buried for good was however soon exploded when the iron curtain of Emergency was lifted and the whole country came to know about the rebirth of Naxalbari in Bihar. Since then the revival and reassertion of the CPI(ML) has been a growing and undeniable political reality, especially in the Hindi belt where the CPI and CPI(M) have steadily been reduced to pale shadows of their past. But in West Bengal, the original land of Naxalbari, the CPI(ML) is admittedly yet to regain its lost ground while the CPI(M) has been in power for a record uninterrupted period of thirty years. In fact, till the other day, a smiling Buddhadeb could often be heard saying that there was no Naxalite left in Naxalbari! When a well-known retired Naxalite leader began hobnobbing with the Left Front in the late 1990s, the CPI(M) fielded him as a Left Front candidate from a losing constituency in Kolkata and claimed that all right-thinking and enlightened Naxalites of yesteryears had sided with the CPI(M). But after Singur and Nandigram, the CPI(M) has once again started blaming Naxalites for all its troubles. Even after thirty years of uninterrupted rule, the CPI(M) clearly has no respite from the spectre of Naxalbari! The reason why the CPI(M) is harping on the ‘Naxalite’ refrain is quite clear. This is the basis on which it can hope to mobilise the support of most bourgeois parties and cover up the true dimensions of the Nandigram carnage, if not ‘legitimise’ the carnage itself. This is how it can try and divert the whole debate, paint the whole thing as a conspiracy to defame and destabilise the CPI(M)’s ‘Bengal citadel’ and thus suppress the internal dissent within the CPI(M) and the Left Front. But in the process the CPI(M) actually exposes its mortal fear of any kind of mass movement against its government, especially of the ‘danger’ that such struggles could give a fresh fillip to the revolutionary Left and unsettle the CPI(M)’s ‘settled leadership’ over the Indian Left movement. This streak of paranoia is not new to the CPI(M). In the early 1990s when agricultural labourers in certain pockets of Bardhaman district in West Bengal began opposing the CPI(M)’s corrupt and pro-kulak local leadership and turning to the CPI(ML), the CPI(M) responded with a brutal massacre of six agricultural labourer comrades – Manik Hajra, Som Kora, Hiru Malik, Dilip Pakre, Ratan Mol, Sadhan Roy Khoira – within hours of the 1993 panchayat poll (May 31, 1993). In protest against the massacre several more CPI(M) activists joined the CPI(ML) under the leadership of Comrade Abdul Halim of Kalna, a popular SFI leader. He too was attacked by CPI(M) goons and gunned down right inside the Kalna sub-divisional hospital (March 27, 1994). As protests continued and the CPI(ML) went on expanding its influence, the CPI(M) struck again and this time four agricultural labourer comrades were crucified at Nadanghat block of Bardhaman district (22 December, 1994).
As activists and well-wishers of the Indian Left movement try to find answers to the questions raised by the Nandigram carnage, it is important to grasp the real contention between the CPI(M)’s so-called ‘Bengal model’ and the revolutionary legacy of Naxalbari. With this aim, we invite our readers’ attention to the following translated excerpts from some of Comrade Vinod Mishra’s Bengali writings and speeches dating back to the period between 1990 and 1995, followed by a call issued by the CPI(ML) Central Committee on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the party’s foundation.

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Posted by ajadhind on June 2, 2007

He may be a great scientist……. he was the first president who mingled with the aam aadmi of the society…….he made us to dream…… but inspite of that i don’t need him as a presdent for the second time.
He may be better than other politicians but we don’t need a person who is hesitating to give his judgement regarding a terrorist who involved in attacking our parliament.

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Murthy summoned by court in national anthem case

Posted by ajadhind on June 2, 2007

BANGALORE, MAY 27: The furore over the alleged disrespect shown to the national anthem by IT bellwether Infosys Technologies co-chairman and chief mentor NR Narayana Murthy seems to be haunting him. After local politicians raised a hue and cry, it is now the turn of a local court to issue summons, asking him to appear before it in person on or before June 21.
On April 8, during the visit of President APJ Abdul Kalam to Infosys’ Mysore campus, in a reply to a query why an instrumental version of the national anthem was played, Murthy had stated that it was an effort to avoid embarrassment to foreigners present at the campus. Soon after the statement, the issue was raised in the Assembly, with Karnataka Home Minister MP Prakash calling it an “unpardonable offence.” Meanwhile, another complaint against Murthy filed by HN Nanjegowda wiFollowing a private complaint filed by the local advocates’ body, Karnataka Rakshana Vakilara Vedike, the second additional city and chief metropolitan magistrate’s court issued the summons on Saturday. “We filed a private complaint with the chief metropolitan magistrate’s court after the Tilak Nagar police station did not take any action against our complaint,” Karnataka Rakshana Vakilara Vedike president Vijay Kumar told FE on Sunday. Although Murthy had made a public statement by saying if it had hurt anyone’s sentiments, he “deeply apologised” for it, Kumar said it was not enough.
you kill a person then deeply apologise about the incident , can that be a right thing.Some media persons are projecting this person who doesn’t know to respect our nation as future president. CNN-IBN makes a public poll for this shameless creatures.

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