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we miss you

Posted by ajadhind on April 22, 2007

First of all i am little bit lazy fellow, over that my favourite writer poochanthe died ………… so i was not able to write anything in the blog.
Only good news in recent days was that My one short story and one article got published in recent editions of O Manase… poochanthe one of my friend used to call him PCT ….. i think PCT word holds good for him …. PCT in our medical field means paracetamol [ crocin] , it helps in relieving fever , pain . Our poochanthe / PCT also relieved our pain – ofcourse mental pain – by his writings.
when we start reading his stories and for the first time we feel that their is nothing in that stories. … just some scientific things, some huntings, description of some birds or flying lizard as in karvalo but after closing the last page of the book we will understand there is every aspect of life
in those stories but evrything is behind nothing!!!! That is his speciality.
He had the talent of describing every aspect of life in a funny way but it is sure after reading the whole story it will leave a feeling in our mind that will last for many days and some roles we will never forget .
Besides writing he worked a lot in the field of photography , he was aware of all the new technologies and new researches in the world . He used the technology better than those people living in bengalooru.
I am not able to express my feelings in a language that i learnt only after 5 years of my life……… We miss you teja

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