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bikes cars& food

Posted by ajadhind on January 1, 2007

We need bikes ………..

We need cars for our convinence………and as a symbol of status………..

We need roads, fly overs for smooth movement of the traffic…………..

Lakhs of people in the country use bikes and cars. Some more lakhs of them will buy the cars if cars are available at a cost of 1 lakh. Its a good thing because every middle class man will have a dream to buy a car in his life time [don’t think about pollution and all]…………..

We need fly overs so that who have purchased cars can travel easily in city limits , their time is not wasted in traffics, they can develop lot of softwares and hardwares which help in making the INDIA SHINE

We need metro rails We need electricity , we need atomic power, thermal power, we need railways ………. we need evrything which makes our life sophisticated……….. but

don’t We need food??!!!!!

Food is the only thing in the country that is used and that is needed by everyone in the country inspite of his richness……… whether he is having car or bike ………. he is from rural or urban areas…………..

What is happening? we are supporting the companies which provide us cars but at the cost of thousands of acres of fertile land.

We can live without cars but can we live without food…………..??!!

Any so called developmental process the people from the rural areas mostly the agricultural land owners and the poorer section of the society are getting affected and we the city people are most benefited by those projects.

Kudremukh national park — tribes are affected

BMIC — agriculturists affected

Singur tata car project —- again ariculturists are affected

Thermal project in Raichur in addition to acquiring the lands ….. the after effects are destroying the plants and lands.

The list never ends…….

It is not right to build our dreams of glory and our bunglows over annadatha’s grave yard

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