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Posted by ajadhind on December 18, 2006

Communists of the west bengal are lumpenised completely, this was confirmed by their attitude in Singur incidence . No one can deny the need of Indian companies like Tata for the development of the country in industrial region but it should not take place at the cost of aam admi’s life.

I remember one incidence that i read long time ago — once a foreigner [prime minister or something , i don’t remember exactly] came to assembly . He was astonished by seeing the communist leaders in the parliament , he asked nehru ” how is this possible ? In our country we keep comnmunists in jail , but here…… ” Nehru smiled and said “Ya in our nation we keep them in parliament”

Here is an article for you about the cruelty of the so called communist government—:-
Murder and rape in Singur
I have got some very disturbing news from Singur.
The news has been coming in Different news channels for past half n hour
The half charred body of a 18 yrs. old girl was found near the land occupied by the Govt. in Singur.
Her name is Tapasi Malik. She is from the bajemelia village.
She was an active member of the Krishi jsmi Rakhsha committee, the organisation which was fighting against the land acquisition in Singur.
The villager have alleged that she went to the fields at dawn for some reason(perhaps to answer the call of nature)
There she was raped and murdered by the Police and CPM cadres who were guarding the land that has been seized from the peasants.
Then they tried to burn her body to any evidence of the crime.
The police is not saying any thing and have taken the body to the hospital.
The news is still breaking and I shall post more about it as soon as possible.

Article by dreamer


  1. Anonymous said

    Red Greetings Comrade

    I have been busy of late…

    Anyways I heard that the chamundeshwari bypoll was a big farce

    I believe mobile phones were distributed in gunny bags for votes !

    I also remember reading about the girl who died in JSS hospital in the newspapers I believe the hospitals tried to cover it up.

    Anyways thats about



  2. tpraja said

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