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Posted by ajadhind on December 7, 2006

“Whats the use of publishing the photos of poor people , the strugglers , the damaged bridges , the roads in newspapers ; they never give us advertisement, we can’t make money from them. Instead of publishing those things collect information about the stars …… it brings us advertisement…….. we can earn lot of money…… understood?” This is the guideline given to a junior reporter from senior of the commercialised news paper. What they wanted to get published in their paper?
They need information about what a star[?] wears while sleeping, while going to toilet, what are his extra marital affairs…… etc.
This is the situation of our present newspapers. The above incidence is a real one , not a story.
There was an era when newspapers stood for aam aadmi, They made people to organise themself for Indian independence. Just think – Gandhiji’s HARIJAN, Bal Gangadar Tilak’s KESARI, MARATA had lot of value during the period of Independence.
Even todays newspapers until recently fought for aam aadmi, but the idea of globalisation has changed a lot of things… they are going behind money , ofcourse there are exceptions but only few people are running the papers for the sake of principles .
In the present situation everyone needs money to live but it should not be at the cost of the principles of journalism. My journalist friend was telling me recently ” if you are ready to take money then you can earn min of 2 lakhs during this election ” he was talking about Chamundeshwari election.
The sincerity of the journalists, their morals have descended in a great extent ; here is an ex: – During the campaign of Chamundeshwari election Minister Chennigappa’s car was ceased , lakhs of rupees was in the car , reporter of MYSOORU MITRA who was at the site took photos, following this he was hit by the so called followers of Chennigappa. It’s the duty of all the reporters of all the papers to protest this but the scene was totally different !! some senior reporters who hated Siddaramaih and some who liked JDS consoled the young reporters who were planning to protest saying that it all happens during election time , after elections every thing will be allright. This is the present situation of our reporters.
If they can’t fight for their justice how can they support the aam aadmi ???

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