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The Capitalists in West BengAL

Posted by ajadhind on November 16, 2006

A careful study of the Singur land incident depicts a
scenario which has been documented very beautifully
in John Steinbecks novel The Grapes of Wrath where
huge multinational entities drove thousands of people
from their lands which was up for sale at throwaway
prices for the benefit of these ivory tower filthy capitalists.
Millions of unskilled,cheap labour flocked over to
California in search of jobs just to be employed as slaves
or worse than that in abominable conditions of human rights.
Often working for more than 16hrs a day resembling a Roman
slave camp.This is exactly what is happening to WestBengal
where this coterie of politicians,intellectuals and businessman
have started practicing that they would have never dared
to do if the common man on the street had not been so naive,
so ignorant.Today in the name of development 45000acres of
farm land that was the unshakable foundation of prosperity in
the agarian Bengal is being sold to the Tata’s and Birla’s in the
hope that Tata’s and Birla’s will trasform all our miseries into a
world of endless Utopia.What great men through ages cannot do,
these people are going to accomplish them in a few years.A state
of crores of intellectuals of whom Bal Gangadar Tilak once said
“What Bengal thinks today,India thinks tomorrow” has been held
to ransom by a few rich Marwari baniya’s and politicians who sit in
their air-conditioned chambers quoting statistics from World Bank
profess that they are doing a miracle while the whole human
civilisation collapses as a social gangene in its own vices of greed,
rust and orthodoxy.What is going to happen to those millions of landless
labourers .Those small farmers who will be deprived of all sources of
income once their land is sold to the tata’s .A million of them will survive
on the breads and crumbs thrown to them by working in menial jobs
like pulling rickshaws and other menial jobs that does never garranty twice
a meal a day.ARTICLE BY : – ANIRBAN BASU

2 Responses to “The Capitalists in West BengAL”

  1. Anonymous said

    It is strange that the villagers themseves want to sell their land while city people like Anirban sheds crocodile tears for them. As someone who has grown up in Singur, I must tell the readers that the people protesting against the Tatas are brought from Kolkata by the Trinamul; these people create a ruckus and try to steal money from the locals! (ask anyone) Anirban should know the reality and write blogs like this.

  2. charu said

    Mr. anonymous,
    thanks for writing a comment.To know the reality of the real estate business i think u should visit the villages near Mysore and Srirangapatna . If anyone says that he will get 20 lakhs per acre of land they will think to sell it. But the fact is that land will be a crore property.
    20 lakhs without work will lost for only few years.
    Why do u think that city people should not think of villagers, the revolutionary movement is not restricted to villagers i suppose!. Each one has a right to protest against the injustice.Che was a doctor, Saket was a journalist and also owner of a petrol bunk, they fought for rural and tribal people for justice.
    I think its better to write your blog name instead of posting as anonymous, we have differences in our ideas which should be discussed so that we can correct our mistakes.

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