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MAD PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ajadhind on September 14, 2006

I was watching the movie lage raho munnabhai– Sanjay dutt starts to speak truth , then his enemy will call a press meet to tell that sanjay is mad………. then i remembered these two mad people!!
DINAKAR , POLICE OFFICER who wrote a book about rajkumar’s kidnap revealing the real facts in that kidnap episode. CM at that time s.m. krishna called him as a mad person. I don’t know why these government appoint mad persons in their police department.

GIRISH MATTANNAVAR , POLICE INSPECTOR i think you will remember him . He is the one who kept fake bombs in the ministers office and got arrested. Even he was called as a person with mental abnormality!!!!! later he started namminda , even i went to join that , but later he joined BJP — dreams of thousands of youths in the state vanished with it.

why all those who spoke truth and who are sincere in their work are considered mad? read this theory of psychiatry .
If 60% of the people say that u are normal then u are even if remaining 40% tell that you are abnormal. You are abnormal if the sayings becomes reversed.
The theory is simple — when all the people in the office are taking money from the people for doing their work and you are the only sincere person then you are wrong in their view. This is what happening in our country. Sincierity is decreasing gradually in the people of the country, particularly the youth of the country are losing the principles they were believing in their college days, the reason they are giving is that they are supressed from the system and they can’t bear further depression so they have decided to go with the society even by knowing that it is the wrong way. Why should we go in away when we know that it is wrong????????
youth please don’t lose hope one man can’t change the whole country on his own but it’s sure that you can change your surrounding environment there are lot of peope who are leading life by strictly following their principles without any compromise……….. HAVE HOPE. LAL SALAM

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  1. Anonymous said

    Good comparison.

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