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Posted by ajadhind on September 7, 2006

“Naxal leader ramesh released”
When he got released his photo was sent to every police station of karnataka sending a message that if u see him conducting any meetings , or is roaming in your areas report us.
His release has increased the heart rate of the landlords of the andhra pradesh .
Comrade Ramesh alis Shivakumar — after a period of 10 – 12 years has returned back to his sister’s house. Comrade Ramesh is the husband of naxalite Parvathi who was killed in an encounter in edu, the first encounter in the malnad region.
On july 22 ramesh was released from the jail in raichur. Hundreds of police including those from the intelligence dept. of andhra and karnaataka were near the court hall. Ramesh spoke to the press people in front of the court ” development of the poor people and their liberation is possible only through the tip of the guns. I support the naxal revolution , now i have decided to fight against the injustice in a democratic way …. but i am not afraid to take the weapons in my hands for the sake of justice”


One Response to “REAL HEROES NO.4—- COM.RAMESH”

  1. Anonymous said


    I agree with what you have to say.

    Did you come to the program on
    Salwa Judum in Bangalore ?

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