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Posted by ajadhind on August 28, 2006

If i don’t get pepsi in INDIA i will go to america to drink it” these are the golden words from shahruk khan.
This is our indian democracy…….. u can tell anything about our nation without getting screwed from anyone………… people are watching his movies ………… we are still watching salman khan movies who has lot of criminal cases against him.
we can’t change anything in our country” these are the words commonly said by the indian youth….. is it true ……… nothing is going to change in this country or what???????
Here is the first answer for those who want to fight in a democratic way………. ARVIND KEJRIWAL ……. who by the help of his organisation PARIVARTAN is using the right to information act in a way that is helping the poorer section of the society to have their rights and to reduce corruption in the government. He has been awarded the Magsesse award this year. He did not come from the poorer section of the society .., he was working as a joint comissioner in income tax office,one of the highly corrupted offices in india. He left the job just because he was frustrated by the way his colleagues were treating the common man.

rajiv deexit—– founder of ajadi bachavo andolan. Rajiv is fighting in another way of gaining real independence. We don’t have to hold guns in our hands, no need to go to forest and fight with against the system—- just we have to stop buying the foreign goods — its not very difficult—– just change the soap you use in the morning … from hamam/ rexona/lux to chandrika/medimix/mysore sandal……. this can change a lot of our country.
And finally the way so called against the law but for the people and for the justice. It is the way selected by most of the youth in the recent days since other ways are being deprived by the government.
We can change our country — opt your way of fighting against the injustice.
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