peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on August 17, 2006


Why people get attracted towards naxal movement. They dont have any work ……by the name of naxal they take money from people and this is the easy method of earning money for them………….. shocked…..!!!!!!! these are the words said by the government …………. even the communist who are in legislation from the of communism.
Is it true…………… no not at all…………….. the reason is there are many persons in the naxal group who are from upper middle class and from the rich families……….. SAKETH RAJAN is one of them.
Saki resident of mysore…….the pride of the city ……….. his father was working in military… after he retired they had a petrol bunk in the RTO circle in mysore…. one can imagine how much a person can earn from a petrol bunk which is in the heart of the city. Saki refused the richness of his family. He was never used to attend parties , even if he attended he used to get scoldings from his father for not dressing himself in a so called descent manner. How can a person who is always worried about the poorer section of the society can think of the dress sense?????
Is it possible to stop a person who is like a TSUNAMI for those people who are the supporters of injustice?? His father didn’t liked him the same that happens in oyr home when our parents come to know that we are supporters of a group which has been banned . The same thing happened in his home….. but it didn’t stopped him ….he came to contact with naxal groups even when he was studying ……….. at last he left home for the sake of his principles …..for his concern about poor people………. he joined naxal community just because he was one of the believer of the sayingREVOLUTION AND JUSTICE CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED FROM THE TIP OF THE GUNS”. He went to andhra pradesh then he was appointed as the secretary of naxal groups in karnataka. He came to the malnad region , the region which was suffering from the KUDREMUKH NATIONAL PARK PROJECT , he was one among the naxals who looked into the real problems existing in the WESTERN GHATS.
He was a brilliant student who used to secure good marks in all the exams. He was an hard worker who worked till the end of his life…. till police ended him . The book written by him the MAKING HISTORY is considered as one of the best book describing the karnataka’s history…. I am very sad to say this still i have not got this book to read.. i think i ll read it as soon as posible…………. LAL SALAM. JAI HIND .

4 Responses to “REAL LIFE HEROES — 2”

  1. Anonymous said

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  2. Stalingam said

    A single spark can start a
    forest fire

    Today Saketh Rajan is dead
    but one day he will return
    with millions.

  3. Stalingam said

    Also I believe Part I has been sold out and you may not be able to get copies.

    Sapna Bookstore in Bangalore
    near majestic bus stand
    has a few copies of
    Part II I believe

  4. Anonymous said

    You know the problem that yu communists(why you call yuorself Naxalites beats comprehension as Naxalbari happened decades ago ,it was the name of a small district in Bengal and this is a term coined by govt’s bureaucrats whom you are opposed to- then why call yourself naxalites?Its a stupid name!any way 100 years down the line when people read about Naxaites they would be confused.)is that you cannot have a charismatic mass leader(some one like Mao or Lenin)who can unite the various indegenious groups which are fragmented all over the country.This is just not possible with the various diverse languages, religious,cultural backgrounds in this country. It is quite obvious that a Andhra comrade leader will not be acceptable to a maratha comrade as he will look after interests of his comrades which will create unrest among the followers etc. Get my point. So in order for your revolutionary thinking to make headway you all find a mao amongst you.

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