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Posted by ajadhind on August 14, 2006

The forgotten hero—–>charu mazumdar i think u have read his article in the blog. We the Indians have forgotten a person just because of the fact that his path doesn’t compromise with our great [?] democratic policies……… ofcourse your guess is correct HE WAS AN NAXALITE , IN CORRECT WORDS HE WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED NAXAL MOVEMENT IN INDIA IN THE NAXALBARI VILLAGE.

Charu was born in an upper middle class family in silguri in 1918.Dropping out of college in 1947 he tried to organise beedi workers. Even when CPI was banned during the world war he continued his activities for which an arrest warrant was put against him. He spent 3 years in jail from1948 . He was again jailed in1962 indo china war as part of curbs{ THIS IS THE DISASTER OF OUR COUNTRY, THE PERSON WHO FAILED TO GIVE THE BULLETS AND SHOES FOR THE SOLDIERS –OUR PM AT THAT Mr NEHRU WAS ENJOYING HIS LIFE IN DELHI. HE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WAR WHO BELIEVED THE CHINESE RATHER THAN HIS OWN COUNTRYMATE WHO WAS WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE, HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF THOUSANDS OF INDIANS AND ALSO TO LOSE HECTARES OF LAND } In the jail he wrote the historic eight documents.
On may 25 the same year charu led the rtebels launched the historic peasant uprising at naxalbari in darjeeling district in west bengal{ you may be surprised , in a state where cpi rules naxalism is strong…….. this is just because the people who got elected to the democratic? legislation by the people at last forgot the people}

By 1972 he was the most wanted person in india. he was arrested in calcutta on july 16 1972, during his 10 days custody in LALBAZAR lock up no one was allowed to see him. LALBAZAR was one the custody which was well known for its cruelity. He died on 28th july in the lock up. Even his dead body was not given to his family. I think this will make u remember others death , of bhagath – rajguru-sukhdev-and more recently of saketh rajan and arun[died in edu encounter in karnataka]- the same thing happened with charu’s body—– THE RULING GOVERNMENTS—BRITISH RULERS AND NOW THE INDIAN RULERS —–ARE NOT ONLY AFRAID OF THE PRINCIPLES AND DEDICATION OF THESE PEOPLE BUT THEY ARE ALSO AFRAID OF THEIR BODIES WHICH INSPIRES A LOT OF THE YOUTH TO FIGHT AGAINST THE INJUSTICE OF THE RULERS……..JAI HIND,00160003.htm

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