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Posted by ajadhind on August 7, 2006

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Our bade boregouda [poor person by the name boregouda] , an agriculturist in the village who was using pesticides in a large quantity in farming gradually realised that the pesticides he was using was harmful to the land and also it enters the human body when a person consumes the plants. So many of the farmers are not using the pesticides and they have started using natural manure .

But what we the so called educated ? and more than that so called weel civilized people of modern cities are doing? We are using the pesticides in direct form !!!! shocked many of the people in the city are using the alternative form of the pesticide the COOL DRINKS SUCH AS PEPSI AND COKE. It has been proved earlier that the cold drinks prepared by the above 2 companies contains pesticides in a larger quantity. But inspite of that our government has not been able to ban these companies. The only benefit to our country at that time was the sales of the 2 companies decreased by about 11 % ofcourse only 11%.
Why people drink pepsi and coke when lot of fresh juices are available in the country which give energy and nutrients to us and atleast they donot harm us? . This is just because of the fact that the companies spend lot of money for advertisement which attracts lot of people mainly the young generation. The person who gives advertisement is also important, Who gives these advertisements? ofcourse the companies but through our so called HEROES . DRAVID ,SACHIN WHO FIGHTS FOR INDIA , AMIR KHAN , AMITAB WHO GIVES LOT OF LECTURES ABOUT THE DESHBHAKTHI , gives advertisement. We should accept the fact that we should not except the above mentioned people to do lot for the society, but when they know that people who admires them will also follow them , should’nt they become little responsible?. At this moment we should remember MAHESH BHUPATHI who refused to give advertisement in favour of these companies.
Our governments instead of banning these companies who make fool people to drink pesticide they ban the NAXAL GROUPS WHO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE , WHO DESTROYS THESE MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES.
Should’nt we stop using the cold drinks?
Should we wait for the government to ban? this question should arise in each of us if by miss for the next time we touch the pepsi / coke .

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