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NETAJI IS DEAD . BUT……………………………

Posted by ajadhind on August 1, 2006

Nizamuddin.,aged 102 years. “justice mukherjee has revealed the truth behind the Netaji’s death” his eyes were filled with tears while he uttered the sentence. “Netaji didn’t die in the plane crash. he was not travelling in that plane. Captain Vikram, soldier Lal singh & a woman who were members of azad hind fouz[A.H.F.] were travelling inthat plane. other than them 2/3 Japanese were their”. these are the words from the memories of the old man nizamuddin.

Justice Manoj.K. Mukherjee submitted his report on Netaji’s death to the government. On may 17th govn. declared its work on the issue [ ofcourse govn has not done anything until now] . after one day UNI reporters spoke to Nizamuddin , resident in shahabuddeenpura of azamgad district of UP.

Saifuddin was named as Nizamuddin by Netaji. It was a part to follow secrecy during Indian independence. Nizam further speaks ” In the year 1924 i travelled to Singapore through ship from my Dhakwa village . I was 20 years old. In singapore i joined AHF. we used to call Netaji as BABU. He appointed me as his driver to drive his 12cylinder car gifted to him by Malaysian king. Then he promoted me as his bodygaurd. He selected a muslim as his bodygaurd and driver, he is the real secular leader” old man’s eyes showed his respect towards Netaji. ” Netaji didn’t die in plane crash in 1945 . He died few years back in Faizabad of UP in the name of GUMNAMI BABA”Nizam says this confidentally.

“No doubt in this. In 1946[1 year after that plane crash] i met netaji & his brother Sharathchandra Bose over a bridge to Sitangpur bridge in burma-Thailand border. ‘Political leaders of India who had friendship with Britain and American govn. are spreading this death news’- Netaji said this to me ” remembers Nizam.

” That was my last meeting with Babu . with my family i came back to my Dhakwa village from Burma. I met one of Netaji’s assistant Swamy in 1971 who told me that Netaji was living in faizabad in the name of GUMNAMI BABA. I had no doubt in that. I arranged 150/- with lot of difficulties & went to faizabad to meet Baba but i couldn’t. Swamy used to give Baba’s message. The last message i heard was death of Baba.

After a long period of investigations and after collecting lots of evidences Justice mukherjee’s report uttered the same. “Netaji escaped from American forces on aug 17 1945. To mislead the enemies , The Japan army, 2 military doctors & Nataji’s colleague Habeebur Rehman created a story about Netaji’s death on Aug 23. No such plane crash incident occured in 1945 to kill Netaji”.

Mukherjee didnot get any evidences to prove that Netaji died in plane crash. The ‘CHITABASM’ in the Renkoji temple of Japan is of a person by name ‘Ichuva Okura’ & not of Netaji.Mukherjee also saya that because of lack of evidence & lack of support from Indian govn. they were not able to find when and where did Netaji died and that he can’t confirm that GUMNAMI BABA is Netaji who died on 1985 Sep 16.

For further details contact:- 1. bengal online

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