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Posted by ajadhind on August 31, 2006


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Posted by ajadhind on August 28, 2006

If i don’t get pepsi in INDIA i will go to america to drink it” these are the golden words from shahruk khan.
This is our indian democracy…….. u can tell anything about our nation without getting screwed from anyone………… people are watching his movies ………… we are still watching salman khan movies who has lot of criminal cases against him.
we can’t change anything in our country” these are the words commonly said by the indian youth….. is it true ……… nothing is going to change in this country or what???????
Here is the first answer for those who want to fight in a democratic way………. ARVIND KEJRIWAL ……. who by the help of his organisation PARIVARTAN is using the right to information act in a way that is helping the poorer section of the society to have their rights and to reduce corruption in the government. He has been awarded the Magsesse award this year. He did not come from the poorer section of the society .., he was working as a joint comissioner in income tax office,one of the highly corrupted offices in india. He left the job just because he was frustrated by the way his colleagues were treating the common man.

rajiv deexit—– founder of ajadi bachavo andolan. Rajiv is fighting in another way of gaining real independence. We don’t have to hold guns in our hands, no need to go to forest and fight with against the system—- just we have to stop buying the foreign goods — its not very difficult—– just change the soap you use in the morning … from hamam/ rexona/lux to chandrika/medimix/mysore sandal……. this can change a lot of our country.
And finally the way so called against the law but for the people and for the justice. It is the way selected by most of the youth in the recent days since other ways are being deprived by the government.
We can change our country — opt your way of fighting against the injustice.
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Posted by ajadhind on August 21, 2006

Com. Shivalingu
hailed from a middle peasant background in Sindhanur Taluk of Raichur district. Inspired by the revolutionary peasant movement in Raichur, he joined the student organization in 1998. When the rural work in Raichur was withdrawn and shifted to Malnad in 2001, he readily accepted the partys call to join the armed squad and discontinued his studies. A young revolutionary, at the age of around 25, he was a very active and determined fighter. Although he was new to the Malnad region, his hard work and dedication to the cause of revolution inspired the Adivasis and other oppressed masses of that area. Within a short period, he gained the confidence of the masses of Malnad and became an organizer. The hard terrain and the bloodsucking leeches did not deter him from the path of revolution. Though he was not much experienced in field craft and military techniques he was a valiant fighter and showed grit in the encounters with the enemy. He was the guard for Com. Saketh, when the incident took place. He laid down his life in the struggle to protect the life of the leadership and for the liberation of the oppressed masses. He was a well-disciplined guerrilla soldier ready to undertake any responsibility given by the party.Let us fulfill the dreams of our beloved martyrs with more determination, hard work and preparedness to make any sacrifice in the struggle for building a guerrilla zone with the perspective of Base Area in Malnad.

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Posted by ajadhind on August 17, 2006


Why people get attracted towards naxal movement. They dont have any work ……by the name of naxal they take money from people and this is the easy method of earning money for them………….. shocked…..!!!!!!! these are the words said by the government …………. even the communist who are in legislation from the of communism.
Is it true…………… no not at all…………….. the reason is there are many persons in the naxal group who are from upper middle class and from the rich families……….. SAKETH RAJAN is one of them.
Saki resident of mysore…….the pride of the city ……….. his father was working in military… after he retired they had a petrol bunk in the RTO circle in mysore…. one can imagine how much a person can earn from a petrol bunk which is in the heart of the city. Saki refused the richness of his family. He was never used to attend parties , even if he attended he used to get scoldings from his father for not dressing himself in a so called descent manner. How can a person who is always worried about the poorer section of the society can think of the dress sense?????
Is it possible to stop a person who is like a TSUNAMI for those people who are the supporters of injustice?? His father didn’t liked him the same that happens in oyr home when our parents come to know that we are supporters of a group which has been banned . The same thing happened in his home….. but it didn’t stopped him ….he came to contact with naxal groups even when he was studying ……….. at last he left home for the sake of his principles …..for his concern about poor people………. he joined naxal community just because he was one of the believer of the sayingREVOLUTION AND JUSTICE CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED FROM THE TIP OF THE GUNS”. He went to andhra pradesh then he was appointed as the secretary of naxal groups in karnataka. He came to the malnad region , the region which was suffering from the KUDREMUKH NATIONAL PARK PROJECT , he was one among the naxals who looked into the real problems existing in the WESTERN GHATS.
He was a brilliant student who used to secure good marks in all the exams. He was an hard worker who worked till the end of his life…. till police ended him . The book written by him the MAKING HISTORY is considered as one of the best book describing the karnataka’s history…. I am very sad to say this still i have not got this book to read.. i think i ll read it as soon as posible…………. LAL SALAM. JAI HIND .

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Posted by ajadhind on August 14, 2006

The forgotten hero—–>charu mazumdar i think u have read his article in the blog. We the Indians have forgotten a person just because of the fact that his path doesn’t compromise with our great [?] democratic policies……… ofcourse your guess is correct HE WAS AN NAXALITE , IN CORRECT WORDS HE WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED NAXAL MOVEMENT IN INDIA IN THE NAXALBARI VILLAGE.

Charu was born in an upper middle class family in silguri in 1918.Dropping out of college in 1947 he tried to organise beedi workers. Even when CPI was banned during the world war he continued his activities for which an arrest warrant was put against him. He spent 3 years in jail from1948 . He was again jailed in1962 indo china war as part of curbs{ THIS IS THE DISASTER OF OUR COUNTRY, THE PERSON WHO FAILED TO GIVE THE BULLETS AND SHOES FOR THE SOLDIERS –OUR PM AT THAT Mr NEHRU WAS ENJOYING HIS LIFE IN DELHI. HE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WAR WHO BELIEVED THE CHINESE RATHER THAN HIS OWN COUNTRYMATE WHO WAS WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE, HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF THOUSANDS OF INDIANS AND ALSO TO LOSE HECTARES OF LAND } In the jail he wrote the historic eight documents.
On may 25 the same year charu led the rtebels launched the historic peasant uprising at naxalbari in darjeeling district in west bengal{ you may be surprised , in a state where cpi rules naxalism is strong…….. this is just because the people who got elected to the democratic? legislation by the people at last forgot the people}

By 1972 he was the most wanted person in india. he was arrested in calcutta on july 16 1972, during his 10 days custody in LALBAZAR lock up no one was allowed to see him. LALBAZAR was one the custody which was well known for its cruelity. He died on 28th july in the lock up. Even his dead body was not given to his family. I think this will make u remember others death , of bhagath – rajguru-sukhdev-and more recently of saketh rajan and arun[died in edu encounter in karnataka]- the same thing happened with charu’s body—– THE RULING GOVERNMENTS—BRITISH RULERS AND NOW THE INDIAN RULERS —–ARE NOT ONLY AFRAID OF THE PRINCIPLES AND DEDICATION OF THESE PEOPLE BUT THEY ARE ALSO AFRAID OF THEIR BODIES WHICH INSPIRES A LOT OF THE YOUTH TO FIGHT AGAINST THE INJUSTICE OF THE RULERS……..JAI HIND,00160003.htm

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Posted by ajadhind on August 7, 2006

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Our bade boregouda [poor person by the name boregouda] , an agriculturist in the village who was using pesticides in a large quantity in farming gradually realised that the pesticides he was using was harmful to the land and also it enters the human body when a person consumes the plants. So many of the farmers are not using the pesticides and they have started using natural manure .

But what we the so called educated ? and more than that so called weel civilized people of modern cities are doing? We are using the pesticides in direct form !!!! shocked many of the people in the city are using the alternative form of the pesticide the COOL DRINKS SUCH AS PEPSI AND COKE. It has been proved earlier that the cold drinks prepared by the above 2 companies contains pesticides in a larger quantity. But inspite of that our government has not been able to ban these companies. The only benefit to our country at that time was the sales of the 2 companies decreased by about 11 % ofcourse only 11%.
Why people drink pepsi and coke when lot of fresh juices are available in the country which give energy and nutrients to us and atleast they donot harm us? . This is just because of the fact that the companies spend lot of money for advertisement which attracts lot of people mainly the young generation. The person who gives advertisement is also important, Who gives these advertisements? ofcourse the companies but through our so called HEROES . DRAVID ,SACHIN WHO FIGHTS FOR INDIA , AMIR KHAN , AMITAB WHO GIVES LOT OF LECTURES ABOUT THE DESHBHAKTHI , gives advertisement. We should accept the fact that we should not except the above mentioned people to do lot for the society, but when they know that people who admires them will also follow them , should’nt they become little responsible?. At this moment we should remember MAHESH BHUPATHI who refused to give advertisement in favour of these companies.
Our governments instead of banning these companies who make fool people to drink pesticide they ban the NAXAL GROUPS WHO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE , WHO DESTROYS THESE MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES.
Should’nt we stop using the cold drinks?
Should we wait for the government to ban? this question should arise in each of us if by miss for the next time we touch the pepsi / coke .

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NETAJI IS DEAD . BUT……………………………

Posted by ajadhind on August 1, 2006

Nizamuddin.,aged 102 years. “justice mukherjee has revealed the truth behind the Netaji’s death” his eyes were filled with tears while he uttered the sentence. “Netaji didn’t die in the plane crash. he was not travelling in that plane. Captain Vikram, soldier Lal singh & a woman who were members of azad hind fouz[A.H.F.] were travelling inthat plane. other than them 2/3 Japanese were their”. these are the words from the memories of the old man nizamuddin.

Justice Manoj.K. Mukherjee submitted his report on Netaji’s death to the government. On may 17th govn. declared its work on the issue [ ofcourse govn has not done anything until now] . after one day UNI reporters spoke to Nizamuddin , resident in shahabuddeenpura of azamgad district of UP.

Saifuddin was named as Nizamuddin by Netaji. It was a part to follow secrecy during Indian independence. Nizam further speaks ” In the year 1924 i travelled to Singapore through ship from my Dhakwa village . I was 20 years old. In singapore i joined AHF. we used to call Netaji as BABU. He appointed me as his driver to drive his 12cylinder car gifted to him by Malaysian king. Then he promoted me as his bodygaurd. He selected a muslim as his bodygaurd and driver, he is the real secular leader” old man’s eyes showed his respect towards Netaji. ” Netaji didn’t die in plane crash in 1945 . He died few years back in Faizabad of UP in the name of GUMNAMI BABA”Nizam says this confidentally.

“No doubt in this. In 1946[1 year after that plane crash] i met netaji & his brother Sharathchandra Bose over a bridge to Sitangpur bridge in burma-Thailand border. ‘Political leaders of India who had friendship with Britain and American govn. are spreading this death news’- Netaji said this to me ” remembers Nizam.

” That was my last meeting with Babu . with my family i came back to my Dhakwa village from Burma. I met one of Netaji’s assistant Swamy in 1971 who told me that Netaji was living in faizabad in the name of GUMNAMI BABA. I had no doubt in that. I arranged 150/- with lot of difficulties & went to faizabad to meet Baba but i couldn’t. Swamy used to give Baba’s message. The last message i heard was death of Baba.

After a long period of investigations and after collecting lots of evidences Justice mukherjee’s report uttered the same. “Netaji escaped from American forces on aug 17 1945. To mislead the enemies , The Japan army, 2 military doctors & Nataji’s colleague Habeebur Rehman created a story about Netaji’s death on Aug 23. No such plane crash incident occured in 1945 to kill Netaji”.

Mukherjee didnot get any evidences to prove that Netaji died in plane crash. The ‘CHITABASM’ in the Renkoji temple of Japan is of a person by name ‘Ichuva Okura’ & not of Netaji.Mukherjee also saya that because of lack of evidence & lack of support from Indian govn. they were not able to find when and where did Netaji died and that he can’t confirm that GUMNAMI BABA is Netaji who died on 1985 Sep 16.

For further details contact:- 1. bengal online

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