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It is Time to Build Up a Revolutionary Party

Posted by ajadhind on July 29, 2006

by Charu Majumdar

By refusing to refer to the reactionary character of the Indian government and by pointing out that “the Congress party still holds considerable political influence among the people”, it tries to beautify the reactionary Indian government before the people. By keeping silent about the countrywide mass upsurge it has refused to lead these mass movements and by its policy of continuing in the UF governments it has indirectly supported every step taken to suppress the mass movements and justified these anti-people activities. Without slightest attempt to analyse the class character of the different partners of the UF governments it has unhesitatingly given the directive to win over these constituent parties in favour of the Communist Party programme through persuasion….
By spinning out the yarn that the Congress still retains a mass base, the CC has tried to exaggerate the strength of the Indian reactionary forces. They cover up the undeniable fact that the economic crisis of this government is ripening into a political crisis through mass upheavels and thus, they underestimate the strength of the people. …
India is a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country. So the main force which can change the colonial condition in this country is the peasantry and their anti-feudal struggle. No change is conceivable in this country without agrarian revolution. And it is the agrarian revolution that proves to be the only path towards the liberation of this country. Not only has the CC maintained silence over this question of agrarian revolution, but the CC is determined to oppose the revolutionary struggles of the peasantry wherever they have resorted to them. What intense hatred for the militant peasant revolutionaries of Naxalbari, what glee at the temporary success of the repressive policy of the reactionary UF government, has found expression in the words of the CC spokesman! As befits a faithful agent of the bourgeoisie, they insist on a precondition: they must receive the guarantee of success before they will condescend to lend their support to the struggle.
Today the duty of each and every Marxist-Leninist is to oust the CC from the revolutionary front. That alone can release the flood-tide in the movements and pave the way towards final victory….
But revolution can never suceed without a revolutionary party — a party which is firmly rooted in the Mao Tse-tung Thought, a party composed of millions of workers, peasants and middle-class youth inspired by the ideal of self-sacrifice; a party that guarantees full inner-party democratic right to criticism and self-criticism and whose members freely and voluntarily abide by its discipline; a party that allows its members to act not only under orders from above but to judge each directive with full freedom and even to defy wrong directives in the interests of the revolution; a party which ensures voluntary job-division to every member who attaches equal importance to all sorts of jobs ranging from high to low; the party whose members put into pactice the Marxist-Leninist ideals in their own lives and, by practising the ideals themselves, inspire the masses to make greater self-sacrifice and to take greater initiative in revolutionary activities; the party whose members never despair under any circumsstances and are not cowed by any predicament but resolutely march forward to overcome it. Only a party like this can build a united front of people of different classes, holding different views in this country. Only a revolutionary party like this can lead the Indian revolution to success.

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  1. Anonymous said

    They call him Neta’ji. The leader. They use to say he fought for our freedom. They say if he could have liberated us we would have gained complete independence. Is that so? Let us judge. Subhas became Netaji at the last quarter of his life. The Civil Servant of the British government suddenly became patriot. A mayor in Calcutta Municipal Corporation he directed the police force against the striking jamadars. Subhas was a opponent of the British. Subhas has some reasons for this. Subhas joined the Indian National Congress. The very party founded by A.O Humes along with a group of die hard feudal and comprador elements whose sole motive was to keep the people’s liberation struggle at bay. To prevent another 1857 from happening. They made Congress as they said “to preserve Her Majesty’s interest in India and to deliver the benefits and welfare to the Indian’s”. Subhas as a very representative of this party was a close ally of the feudal and comprador capitalist elements. Though he had some factional interests, which are common in Congress for which it has been splintered numerous times till date. In order to keep his faction running he sometimes used ‘socialist’ rhetorics and used to keep in touch with some radical and left elements. Along with some so called “communists’ he helped to form Congress Socialist Party, whose sole aim was to keep the masses out of armed struggle and from communist ideals. Subhas found an enormous admiration for Musolini, whose thoughts were then been tached in Shantiniketa by Kalidas Nag and others after Mr. Rabindranath Tagore visited Italy and was honoured by the fascist dictator who was also a father figure for Hitler. Rabindranath influenced with fascist ideology initiated its teaching in Shantiniketan. Subhas got into a feud wih Gandhi on the Congress president post. The other reason of which was the international power balance those days. Gandhi a sole representative of the British imperialism favoured British interests in India and was for the British side in the international scenerio. While Subhas sensing the coming war thought to side with Germany and Italy after the Spanish war episode. So the British arrested him for that, as he was against their rule in India, but for the axis powers rule. Subhas escaped India and fled to Germany, straight to the lap of Hitler. When the war started the Nazi Germany started a big assault on the eastern side. They were up to destroy the great Soviet Union led by the leader of world masses Comrade Stalin. Germany advanced to Soviet and started pressing the Nazis deep into Soviet. Subhas was happy, and Hitler gifted him a small contingent of “Indian National Army”, Subhas every other evening started declaring from the Berlin radio that he will rach India through the Caucasus hills and will overthrow British people. He hided the fact that by throwing the British he will bring the German’s. And while he has to cover the Caucasus range then Hitler must have to capture Soviet Union and destroy Stalin and his mighty red army. On the other hand Gandhi who said a few days before the war started that he will be hurt if London is bombed, suddenly sensed that the British will be losing, so it is better to became a servant of the winning forces, i.e the German’s. So he said “Quit India” and asked the British to leave. A large section of the Congress followed this. Except the most clever Nehru-Rajaji faction. Nehru correctly anticipated that with the participation of Soviet Union the allied force will get strength and can defeat the Axis power. So he started praising the Allies and sided the anti-fascists. It is not his democratic liberal consciousness that brought him on the side of the anti-fascists, rather it is al a game of power in which different people calculated different things and sided with the safe side accoroding to them. The prostitute changing her client anticipating his bankruptcy, for a new one.
    Subhas and Gandhi’s calculation was wrong. Under the great leadership of Comrade Stalin the great Red Army fought Hitler heroically and drove him back to Berlin where he had to die the death of a coward. Sensing the fall of Hitler, Subhas escaped to Japan. Where another “Indian National Army” (An army of all surrendered soldiers, not a people’s army) was ready for him. This time the Japanese helped him, but the Japanese were reeling under severe crisis with the defeats in China under Chairman Mao, and the wars in Indo China, and Korea. So Subhas could’nt get their support too long. And while his Azad Hind dream got smashed he died while fleeing the people’s anti Japanese war in Indo China.
    Many people says, why the CPI (M-L) is against Subhas. It is because he was a traitor. He never thought to liberate India, rather to rule it under a foreign protection. Htiler and Tojo created many such Netaji’s and placed them in many places they conquered. All those Neta’s have became extinct. Subhas if was serious about the liberation of India, could have gone to Moscow, rather than Berlin. The USSR becoming the most close ally of the world liberation movement under Stalin, even Chandrashekar Azad and Bhagat Singh, the brave son’s of India admitted that. Chandrashekar got an invitation from Soviet Union to take shelter there for a few days till the police hunt for him is oer, but he refused that because he wanted to die for the country in the country itself. The association of revolutionaries like Bagha Jatin with Germany during the first world war was different. As at that time there was no such Socialist state which could have helped revolutionaries. But the situation was different in the 40’s. While Azad Hind Fauj was not a paeople’s army of worker’s and peasant’s, rather a coward force which served te British imperialism against its own people, and later surrendered to the Japanese. Subhas was a fascist and his fascist instinct found a good support in Hitler. His victory means the victory of fascism over the masses. His victory means the loss of the Soviet Union and the red banner. The government of India after 1946 never talked about Subhas. But when the people were furious in the late 40’s, and when the situation was so after the war that talking about the non violence would bring good bashing, when Rani Laxmibai, Mangal Pandey, Tipu Sultan and other’s were remebered by the people for their heroic sacrifices, then there was a need to replace those great people and their nationalism with some other thing. So Subhas helped after his death. Therefore the government under Nehru started praising Subhas, whom he had slandered a few days before, to keep the people’s support for armed struggle confined to Subhas and an utopian dream of his return. So the respect and admiration Subhas draws is from the fact that people wants an armed revolution and not Gandhia non violence. This is the people’s aspiratio for a real freedom which keeps Subhas alive. But that cant be tolerated by real Communists. So our purpose is to disclose the facts, which many ‘communist’ and official ‘naxalites’ considers to be taboo. Our party’s leader Immortal martyr Comrade Saroj Dutta has shown the ral figure of Subhas with many rich informations in his work “On Subhas Bose”. Please read the same for more details.
    We hope you will read, research, think, debate, and discuss these matters as you’re people who have some link with MARXISM-LENINISM. Our party Comrade’s smashed Subhas’s statue in 1970’s in order to establish the statues of the real martyrs. The initiative of this statue smashing was done personally by Comrade Stalin.

    With Red Greetings

    The Propaganda Team

    Delhi Reorganizing Committee

    C.P.I (M-L)


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