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It is Time to Build Up a Revolutionary Party

Posted by ajadhind on July 29, 2006

by Charu Majumdar

By refusing to refer to the reactionary character of the Indian government and by pointing out that “the Congress party still holds considerable political influence among the people”, it tries to beautify the reactionary Indian government before the people. By keeping silent about the countrywide mass upsurge it has refused to lead these mass movements and by its policy of continuing in the UF governments it has indirectly supported every step taken to suppress the mass movements and justified these anti-people activities. Without slightest attempt to analyse the class character of the different partners of the UF governments it has unhesitatingly given the directive to win over these constituent parties in favour of the Communist Party programme through persuasion….
By spinning out the yarn that the Congress still retains a mass base, the CC has tried to exaggerate the strength of the Indian reactionary forces. They cover up the undeniable fact that the economic crisis of this government is ripening into a political crisis through mass upheavels and thus, they underestimate the strength of the people. …
India is a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country. So the main force which can change the colonial condition in this country is the peasantry and their anti-feudal struggle. No change is conceivable in this country without agrarian revolution. And it is the agrarian revolution that proves to be the only path towards the liberation of this country. Not only has the CC maintained silence over this question of agrarian revolution, but the CC is determined to oppose the revolutionary struggles of the peasantry wherever they have resorted to them. What intense hatred for the militant peasant revolutionaries of Naxalbari, what glee at the temporary success of the repressive policy of the reactionary UF government, has found expression in the words of the CC spokesman! As befits a faithful agent of the bourgeoisie, they insist on a precondition: they must receive the guarantee of success before they will condescend to lend their support to the struggle.
Today the duty of each and every Marxist-Leninist is to oust the CC from the revolutionary front. That alone can release the flood-tide in the movements and pave the way towards final victory….
But revolution can never suceed without a revolutionary party — a party which is firmly rooted in the Mao Tse-tung Thought, a party composed of millions of workers, peasants and middle-class youth inspired by the ideal of self-sacrifice; a party that guarantees full inner-party democratic right to criticism and self-criticism and whose members freely and voluntarily abide by its discipline; a party that allows its members to act not only under orders from above but to judge each directive with full freedom and even to defy wrong directives in the interests of the revolution; a party which ensures voluntary job-division to every member who attaches equal importance to all sorts of jobs ranging from high to low; the party whose members put into pactice the Marxist-Leninist ideals in their own lives and, by practising the ideals themselves, inspire the masses to make greater self-sacrifice and to take greater initiative in revolutionary activities; the party whose members never despair under any circumsstances and are not cowed by any predicament but resolutely march forward to overcome it. Only a party like this can build a united front of people of different classes, holding different views in this country. Only a revolutionary party like this can lead the Indian revolution to success.

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Posted by ajadhind on July 8, 2006

We can`t forget them
In their blood was the deluge of the tyameless river
In their hands was the dream
Higher than the skies.

1.Why the people in malnad area of karnataka are very much attracted by the acts of naxalism?
2. Why most of the youths in not only in malnad area , but also in other parts of karnataka and india are getting into the one of the most revolutionary group of india naxalism?
I think this is the right time for the government of karnataka to think over the above facts.When the government fails to give justice to the people revolution begins.Same thing happened in malnad areas . One question arises —NEED FOR REVOLUTION IS AN UNDERSTANDABLE FACT , BUT IS THERE A NEED FOR REVOLUTION WHICH IS VIOLENT? —Initially the struggle for justice in malnad region against the KUDUREMUK NATIONAL PARK was peaceful leaded by leaders like Shambu hegde and others , but the government did not respond to their demands.It was least bothered about the tribal people who were leaving in hormony with the forest . It just wanted to shift the tribal people from the forest and make KUDUREMUK a national park and after few years build an eco tourism spot in KUDUREMUK.Can the government save the forest ? NO.
The rulers of the state start thinking of the people in malnad area only when the naxals came into picture ; even though it had lot of information about the naxal activity in malnad area it was not serious. Rulers thought that only few naxals are ther who are harmless . but when the first bullet fired from the naxals rifles rulers realised the strenght of the naxals. then they announced various schemes for the tribal people , announced crores of money. If half of the money reached the malnad area revolutionary activity might have ended , but again the government failed . Not even a paise reached the forest . Naxal activity got strengthened .

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Posted by ajadhind on July 7, 2006

WHAT the government want to achieve by banning one of the most valuable site about the ongoing revolutions in india . When the government cant ban sex sites why they want to ban this site.ARE THEY AFRAID of the site which is attracting lot of youth who are frustrated by the governments rule.

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